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  1. samtyson

    HF Index (v2)

    samtyson submitted a new resource: HF Index (v2) - Index for Hatten in Flames, with numbers now in their own column. Read more about this resource...
  2. samtyson

    Hatten in Flames Rules Index

    samtyson submitted a new resource: Hatten in Flames Rules Index - An index for the Hatten Rules Read more about this resource...
  3. samtyson

    Hatten in Flames Index

    Playing through the CG, I have often tried to quickly find one of the HF rules. Having an index will help me in the future. Download and enjoy! Hatten in Flames Index
  4. samtyson

    Can a TI Leader voluntarily rout with a broken unit in his location?

    A4.8 TEMPORARILY IMMOBILIZED (TI): TI status is incurred by Infantry engaged in various tasks requiring prolonged effort throughout the Player Turn. When a unit is affected by TI status it is marked by placing a TI counter on top of it, which is removed at the end of its CCPh (or if the unit...
  5. samtyson

    A player's High Ground 2 half-board Castle overlay has disappeared

    Does anybody have a spare copy of the Castle overlay? I don't have any spare parts for HG2, so I thought I would see if anyone has an extra copy they would give away. Thanks!
  6. samtyson

    Last Week to order Blood & Jungle and CoS at lowest price

    The counters are FINALLY due to ship early this week, so this is your warning to order now at the lowest price possible. If you have been waiting until we start shipping, this is the time to place your order. Once we start shipping, the prices will go to full retail, $139 each.
  7. samtyson

    Need help with new extension

    As I ran overran a squad earlier today, I had to refer to my overrun Flowchart. It's a chart that I love, but didn't find it in VASL. I did see an OBA Flowchart, so that got me thinking about creating an Overrun Flowchart. Scott Greenman did the work on the OBA version, so if anybody has a way...
  8. samtyson

    Final Day of Reduced Price on BtB2 and Cobra!

    Today is the last day to get the pre-order price for BtB2 and Operation Cobra (BFP2). If you have been procrastinating - just go ahead and get your order in today. You will save some money. If you need information about what's in the products, head to our web site:
  9. samtyson

    Into the Rubble product notes

    ITR Errata: Add to ITR 2.0: Any building with a Factory Interior Wall (O5.3) on more than one hexside is also a Factory. ITR3: Tough as Nails - Buildings 51U3 and 51O2 are Factories. ITR4: Clash at Ponryi - Replace ISU-152s with SU-152s. ITR6: The Ceramic Factory - Replace Russian...
  10. samtyson


    Any known errata already for this? In particular, can the British deploy more than two squads in Matter Born? Thanks!