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  1. Tater

    VotG - Gutted Building - 5/8 Mortar

    May a 5/8 Mortar set in and fire from an upper-level gutted building location.
  2. Tater

    VotG - Gutted Buildings - 5/8 Mortar

    Can a 5/8 Mortar setup in and fire from an upper-level roofless building location.
  3. Tater

    Ammunition Shortage A19.131 vs Mandatory FG A7.55 vs A.7

    Is it correct that SW under Ammunition shortage are not under the restrictions of the Mandatory FG? IOW, a SW in the same location as other SW/Units could fire separately at the "same" target when Ammunition Shortage is in affect for that side? Example: German 467/MMG & 467/LMG are under...
  4. Tater

    RO CG2

    My buds and I have chosen to play Red October CG2, I have the Ruski’s. My question is, how do the Ruski’s pull this off? I have run the numbers and based on starting forces I don’t see how the commies can avoid being just totally overwhelmed in the first scenario. The Germans start with 7...
  5. Tater

    Bloody Buron Questions

    Question 1: During the ConPh, under the D5.34 "OFFBOARD ARTILLERY" it states the following for a +1 DRM for ammunition status: "+1 / If RG module placed a FFE counter in prior TM Scenario" Per TM 22: c) OBA modules that have placed an FFE in the just-played TM Scenario are Eliminated, as are...
  6. Tater

    Land Craft (un)loading Cost / Cumulative?

    Are the (un)loading costs for LC/LCV cumulative? For example, LCV unloading to a pier. Unloading cost 50% movement to a pier and the ramp is not down which is another 50%. So would unloading infantry pay 100% to unload from an LCV onto a pier?
  7. Tater

    NASHCON 2019 (August 23-25)

    I will be running an ASL Tourney at the NASHCON convention (Nashville, TN) this year. Tourney will be a mixed ASL/ASLSK event (ASLSK scenarios count when both players pre-agree). Minimum 3 matches...could become 4 depending on participation level. No scenario list will be provided, although...
  8. Tater

    Roofless Factory LOS in RF (Red Barricades)

    Is there LOS from L2-K22 to Grd-R24 and/or Grd-R23. I think I know the answer but roofless factory has some twists to it and I want to make sure I am not missing anything.
  9. Tater

    Rubble Creation

    In B24.11: "The level affected in an Area-Target-Type/OBA attack vs a multi-level building is determined via Random Selection among those levels hit." Is this saying only occupied levels ("hit") are part of the RS? Or is every level considered in the RS? I ask because, in effect, only occupied...
  10. Tater

    Cave Cheat Sheet?

    Anyone know of a caves cheat sheet?
  11. Tater

    A7.72 - Upper Level Encirclement vs HIP

    Suppose a multi-story building has a HIP Ruski at level two. The Germans move units to the only two ground floor stairwell locations. Per A7.7 all eligible locations are marked with an encircled counter. The only eligible locations are those that contain units. So would the Ruski's location...
  12. Tater

    Standard hex size on geo maps

    What is the standard hex width (inches) of a geo map hex. I think it is 5/8ths.
  13. Tater

    TEM vs Mol...

    Does TEM apply to Molatov attacks? Even against AFV? With FT it specifically states that TEM doesn’t apply...but not so for mol attacks.
  14. Tater

    Bog Check

    The Bog table (D8.21) list woods and building DRM but includes the statement " half MP allotment". What if the fully tracked vehicle enters using all MP...does the DRM for bog still apply? If it does, why include the part about "at half MP"?
  15. Tater

    Red Factories

    Has it started shipping yet?
  16. Tater

    RB VASL MAP - v2 versus v1

    I asked this question in the VASL forum but got little response. There is a v2 RB map available on the VASL download page. The v1 map is also available. I recall (dangerous at my age) seeing a post that the difference was more than just the updated artwork. In particular, that there were...
  17. Tater

    VASL RB Maps...

    What is the difference between the two RB map versions in the VASL download section?
  18. Tater

    Team VASL

    What is the best way to setup VASL preferences so that two players can see the same concealed/HIP units while preventing the opposing side from seeing them? Do the two players need to have the same ID and password? Just the same password? Just the same ID? Something else?
  19. Tater

    FG and ROF...

    Situation: Three hex FG, hex 1 squad/MMG, hex 2 squad, hex 3 squad/HMG On the shot both MG get ROF. Question: Can the two MG continue as an FG even though they are not ADJACENT?