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  1. Tater

    VotG - Gutted Building - 5/8 Mortar

    May a 5/8 Mortar set in and fire from an upper-level gutted building location.
  2. Tater

    VotG - Gutted Buildings - 5/8 Mortar

    Can a 5/8 Mortar setup in and fire from an upper-level roofless building location.
  3. Tater

    In your experience what is the most prolific tank killer in ASL?

    Usually, it is my own air support...particularly when playing RB.
  4. Tater

    Ammunition Shortage A19.131 vs Mandatory FG A7.55 vs A.7

    Is it correct that SW under Ammunition shortage are not under the restrictions of the Mandatory FG? IOW, a SW in the same location as other SW/Units could fire separately at the "same" target when Ammunition Shortage is in affect for that side? Example: German 467/MMG & 467/LMG are under...
  5. Tater

    Hatten CG thoughts...

    Yeah...”practically“...for the Ami to get that shot with the 76L’s he’s gonna have to put himself into LOS of German Guns...and German infantry with fausts and shrecks. I could go on but the point is that the Ami armor has to maintain a goodly distance combined with having to drive on board...
  6. Tater

    Interior Factory Hex & OBA

    Why couldn't the roof location and the highest level be one in the same. The rule doesn't actually make them mutually exclusive.
  7. Tater

    RO CG2

    Just to be clear, we disagree in that you don’t think balance matters and I do. I would point out that designers/producers invest hundreds of hours for playtest and there are entire websites devoted to ASL balance. So, you aren’t just “agreeing to disagree” with me but the majority of the...
  8. Tater

    RO CG2

    I’ve been playing ASL 30 plus years and based on that experience I feel very confident in saying RO CG2 is a dog. Not only that it don’t thing it would be any fun trying to prove Hagar opp PO opinion wrong. What that CG lacks is a CVP cap for the Germans.
  9. Tater

    RO CG2

    Which CG...I remember us playing some VotG...oh well, chalk it up to old age.
  10. Tater

    RO CG2

    Really, I checked my PT folders and didn’t find any RO materials...I think I may have proofed some rules, I don’t recall actually playing anything. OTOH, I turn 60 this year so, the gray matter filling cabinet ain’t what it use to be.
  11. Tater

    RO CG2

    We have decided against RO 2 and are selecting something else. BTW, it isn't just the force delta but also where those forces can setup. The Russian starts with almost all his setup area under German FP. A 3rd of the Russian setup area is already practically surrounded. As soon as any Russian...
  12. Tater

    RO CG2

    The “300” occupied a natural choke point that reduced the amount of man power the Persians could put at the point of attack...not the case here. If you look at the AAR, what hampered the Nazis was mostly their own lack of coordination and what sounds like a bombardment hitting their...
  13. Tater

    RO CG2

    My buds and I have chosen to play Red October CG2, I have the Ruski’s. My question is, how do the Ruski’s pull this off? I have run the numbers and based on starting forces I don’t see how the commies can avoid being just totally overwhelmed in the first scenario. The Germans start with 7...
  14. Tater

    Leader location in a stack

    Good realism point...which kind of applies to regular infantry. They can see that enemy squad/platoon (10-30 troops) sitting 240meters away, how are they able to distinguish which is a leader vs a regular private? Or whether that leader is a 6+1 or a 10-3? Thus the accusation of “hiding”...
  15. Tater

    Contacting Zombie ASL

    I got the pack and I have played it some. I don't know what Glenn's "intent" was on the rules but I can tell you how I played some of the rules.
  16. Tater

    Leader location in a stack

    Our soldiers getting their ass's handed to them for saluting in the front lines...i.e., sniper bait.
  17. Tater

    Leader location in a stack

    So hiding the HMG, FT, Psk, etc under a leader is OK? Or hiding the 8-3-8 under that 8-0 leader is OK? My point being, why wouldn't you look through all the visible (un-?) stacks anyway in order to see, not just leaders, but "big" hitter SW's, quality of units, quantity of units, type of units...
  18. Tater

    Bloody Buron Questions

    Question 1: During the ConPh, under the D5.34 "OFFBOARD ARTILLERY" it states the following for a +1 DRM for ammunition status: "+1 / If RG module placed a FFE counter in prior TM Scenario" Per TM 22: c) OBA modules that have placed an FFE in the just-played TM Scenario are Eliminated, as are...
  19. Tater

    Precision Dice Required in Tournaments

    I think polishing one’s tactics would be more valuable than worrying about the .000000000001 difference in any given set of dice. Having said that I use battleschool dice...for the esthetics only.
  20. Tater

    Precision Dice Required in Tournaments

    Looks like something designed while on acid.