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  1. JRKrejsa

    El Alamein

    True, but still fun to watch. From a”oldies viewpoint.” Not a “learn something “, perspective.
  2. JRKrejsa

    WW2 Bazooka vs Infantry in Woods

    Well, did it work? How did the crossing go?
  3. JRKrejsa

    BoF2 missing 2 scenarios?

    No, last scenario card of the pack. Anhalt Pandemonium, and A War of Their Own.
  4. JRKrejsa

    Dispatch #50 Transmitted today

    I know. But just do it.
  5. JRKrejsa

    Dispatch #50 Transmitted today

    Same here! How did we beat Olli?
  6. JRKrejsa

    Swedish Volunteers?

    True, but I never saw anybody have trouble with my set of blue on white Swedes.
  7. JRKrejsa

    The Battle of Manila 1945

  8. JRKrejsa

    Board 85?

    I'm saying that will be a full-blown module.... I hope.
  9. JRKrejsa

    counter needed 2

    Complete w/ Chapter H notes. I ‘m pretty sure- because I remember color photo copying it to go in my Chapter H combined binder.
  10. JRKrejsa

    Roma 2020?

    As usual, where do I send my money, and when can I get it?
  11. JRKrejsa

    Roma 2020?

    Any more info available about this pack? Any time frame? The other 2 up coming packs: Swedish Volunteers- Well worth getting, some good scenarios in there, and another nationality. Best of Friends 2- It will be interesting to see which of their many good scenarios made the cut. And, I...
  12. JRKrejsa

    Swedish Volunteers?

    Or, are the two new scenarios reprints of Swedish scenarios from Friendly Fire? There are a few of those...
  13. JRKrejsa

    Sherman proposal

    I think the, “closed unit 1972” part is interesting. Wow.
  14. JRKrejsa

    How to order?

    Same here, ordered it almost two months ago, got it quickly, like usual.
  15. JRKrejsa

    Biazza Ridge/Hollow Legions dependant?

    The Italians are only in 2 of the scenarios. And FT 14 would be plenty.
  16. JRKrejsa

    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Invasion- Ongjin (Right) KW1.2 Opening day of the Korean war, NKPA trying to exit tanks around a big hill. I had to set up my ROKs along the board as the NKPA can enter anywhere on the north edge. The NKs have to keep moving, and I was consistently able to hurt his infantry. The T-34s- not...
  17. JRKrejsa

    Would you do it?

    Between all the HASLs with lots of counters, and good quality third party counters, I don’t buy second copies of anything. I rotate out worn counters, and replace them with new ones in the trays. When official maps wear out, I order another copy. The TPP ones don’t get used enough to wear...
  18. JRKrejsa

    RPC v3 en España

    With the help of my middle daughter- 3 years of American High School Spanish, and some google translate, I think I know what’s going on!