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  1. Will Fleming

    PTO LOS question

    PTO (light) is in effect. Most marsh is swamp, level 2 ostacle. Is this LOS clear? K4 to M7
  2. Will Fleming

    VASL6.6.1 Officially Released

    Not to criticize the malf labels on AFV's. I am sure lots of people will like them, but maybe a counter for malf that we could 'label' similar to the Defensive First/Final fires where you can select the cmg fired, bmg fired, etc would be nice. Thus one counter could mark all malfunctioning...
  3. Will Fleming

    VASL6.6.0 is officially released

    Actually things are pretty good in 6.6.0 from my game tonight with the exception of moving stacks, partial or even single counters some times. Not really sure I can specify exactly at this point, but it was pretty bad. Opponent was on 6.5.x which may contribute to some of the zany...
  4. Will Fleming

    VASL Map Online Problem/Suggestion Form

    Is the Soviet KV-8 missing an Ⓡ for raidioless prior to 1943? If so, might be worth looking at the OT-34 as well. Note "C" is the applicable one in this situation.
  5. Will Fleming

    VASL dice summary -- any way to customize?

    Just wondering if I can change the table colors or just make it black and white. My 'theme' doesn't play well with the table generator for the dice stats.
  6. Will Fleming

    Question on VC (DFTB148)

    The Americans control or eliminate. :) If we play a game of one on one and "I win if I make a basket", does that mean that when LeBron James dunks on me making basket after basket while blocking all my shots and wins 50-0, I actuallly win because a basket was made?
  7. Will Fleming

    Question on VC (DFTB148)

    So the Japanese are the defender in this one and have a pillbox and some DC's. The Americans are the attacker and have two pillboxes and some DC's. The VC's are as such: The Americans win at Game End by Controlling/eliminating all Pillboxes and Trenches. a) If the Japanese manage to...
  8. Will Fleming

    J19 Merzenhausen Zoo (Pre game NTC ?)

    Pulling a choice section of A12.11 for my devious purposes. Dummy stacks can be created only during initial setup and among OB-designated "?" reinforcements during their initial turn of entry. So that means you could never split any dummies initially stacked with real units during play...
  9. Will Fleming

    J19 Merzenhausen Zoo (Pre game NTC ?)

    Sorry to necro this thread, but "Dummy Stack" is not defined in the index. For that matter, I don't see "Stack" defined either. Of the 4 "Concealed Stacks" below, which of the following are "Dummy Stacks"? A) 4x 1/2" concealment counters B) 4x 1/2" concealment counters on top of an MMC C) 1...
  10. Will Fleming

    Area target type TEM vs bypassing units

    Say a unit is bypassing a building hex that also has a wall in the hex, but does not cross the LOS or even the hexside being bypassed, say it is on the other side of the building. A MTR fires and hits getting the -2 FFNAM/MO bonus as the LOS does not cross the wall. Does the wall TEM affect...
  11. Will Fleming

    VASL-6.5.0 is released

    Nevermind. Found how to do it.
  12. Will Fleming

    Ambush withdrawal to new Ambush/CC?

    This is an odd situation. The American HS advanced up the hill and into the trench and became CX, but somehow ambushed the Japanese guy in the pillbox. All Japanese units are in the pillboxes. Can the US HS 'withdraw' to the other trench location? If so, is there another CC? Another ambush...
  13. Will Fleming

    Cowering affects on resid

    Please look at the image. The two American squads and HMG fire at the Japanese unit in defensive first fire. The roll is a snakes and the non HMG squad ends up cowering. The shot ends up being resolved as 12FP (+2 hindrance). How much resid is left if: A) The HMG keeps its rate of fire? B)...
  14. Will Fleming

    Cave to lower level LOS

    Dang you ASL community! I had that hex bore sighted! :) We came to the same conclusion after I got put into some kind of medeval torture thing with iron, flames and a lot of my blood draining on the floor. Took it for 2 hours before giving up.
  15. Will Fleming

    Cave to lower level LOS

    Orange by me as my opponent and I both think this is the key section. G11.5 LOS: LOS to/from a cave is traced to/from the cave hex's center dot and the cave's level, but can exist only if traced entirely within that cave's CA (exclusive of its CA Hexside vertices only if the cave is IN a...
  16. Will Fleming

    American Tragedy J64

    What is the meaning of "No Move" in this situation? Can the American units marked as such fire normally? Can the Japanese shoot at them without causing the "No Move" counter to be removed? If so, does it apply to only that location or all US units marked?
  17. Will Fleming

    A leader and a HS with a PSK walk into a K/1

    Say this happens and the result is a K/1 with the HS only getting the CR. Does the leader get a chance to grab the SW before it takes a 1MC (risking break/pin/worse) or can it grab the PSK before taking its 1MC?
  18. Will Fleming

    Hull down and underbelly?

    The German squad in F10 is in a building and does not have wall advantage. The tank is actually in F11 going over the wall into G11for 2MP. If the German gets a PF, is the tank vulnerable to underbelly hits alone, or can it claim wall advantage (and thus be hull down) as well?
  19. Will Fleming

    Inherent hindrance and hills

    Does the debris in H10 hinder a shot from I10 to G10 (and vice versa)?
  20. Will Fleming

    Carrying a leader with one unit, keeping concealment with another: AM

    Can a stack of two half-squads and a wounded leader move into a hex costing 4MF with one HS non-AM (carrying the leader) and the other AM (and keeping concealment say)?