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    Googling the eASLRb!

    eASLRB dudes, using HTML to generate your eASLRB...:D Google has a new desktop search tool..:D Wall Advantage = 306 hits!!:D Baz = 206!:D Life is good!!!:D :smoke: :smoke:
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    Newbies Take Note

    Perry Cocke - Sep 28, 2004 8:39 pm (#13709 Total: 13709) Had a blast at WBC. You should have been there, too. ASLSK #1 errata Errata in ASLSK # 1 (quick and dirty version): The RPh example on page 4 incorrectly refers to the 5-2-7 in Q6 removing a DM counter; the unit is not DM...
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    A19.131 RE: Ammo Shortage and J5 errata

    From: [] Sent: Saturday, 21 August 2004 7:03 AM To: Subject: RE: Ammo Shortage and J5 errata >Subject: Ammo Shortage and J5 errata > >Recent errata in Journal 5 states "A19.131: line 10 replace "all B#" with...