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  1. Geordie

    Dorsosh vs Elvis The never ending story

    Im sorry but this is utter Bollocks and you know it. You are the biggest Bickerer here. Your simply trolling again to get a reaction. How many Moderators patience have you ended up exhausting? Maybe the problem doesnt lie with them, maybe, just maybe its you? The answer to YOUR problem is...
  2. Geordie

    Dorsosh vs Elvis The never ending story

    What I’m seeing here are the usual two camps doing their usual point scoring. I get it that at one end of the scale we have Elvis and his like for the game and on the other end we have Mr D and his dislike for it. What I don’t get is the constant vying to have the other side punished for some...
  3. Geordie

    Dorsosh vs Elvis The never ending story

    I think keeping your armour tight is called the POS Stack. Its a tactic that works quite well in game conditions, especially CM-1 games. Im not sure how historical it was though?
  4. Geordie

    New Player - Keen, need opponents to play

    Thats a pity as I can only play the CM-2 games now and have a few free slots. Give me a shout if Santa is kind to you! You can also try ere for opponents:
  5. Geordie

    Lmg mg42

    If there's one thing that I have mixed thoughts about it's this thing. The LMG MG42 just doesn't seem to give the same kind of results that I've been expecting. To be honest I was expecting it to be a bastard to play against and a force multiplier to play with. So far it seems like it's...
  6. Geordie

    New QB DAR started at BF

    The information so far has been good for those of you who enjoy a QB more than a scenario. I notice some good things so far; rarity points separated from purchase points, map previews by both players and the ability to attach units to platoons. This one should be quite interesting as it...
  7. Geordie

    CMA out in Russia

    From the vid it looks exactly the same as CMSF. Interface, commands, the lot. The buildings don't remind me of Afghanistan, they remind me of CMSF ones. Where the mud brick? I don't know whAt the guy is saying, but its clear he can't work the interface...
  8. Geordie

    Comparisons between CMN/CMBB/PCO

    Obviously, like many others I have been following the threads at both Matrix and BF concerning new and upcoming ww2 games. I have to say that its been a refreshing change to have a company that actually shows what their game does. I am impressed by the guys making PCO, their openess, their...
  9. Geordie

    New SF review Seems a fair assesment to me, but I bet this guy may become the new Devil of the Beta boys for not giving the game a perfect 10!
  10. Geordie

    Op Nemesis

    I see this is in the offing. The premise looks good as well, though he may be being a bit ambitious looking for up to 30 dedicated SF players to complete a battle every 2 weeks.
  11. Geordie

    CMN is not to be called Normandy

    Seems like they decided on the name a while ago but wont release it until nearer the time. Maybe its not going to be set in Normandy for the whole time? This would make that Tiger more plausible. CM to the Rhine? This could get around the whole Bocage thingy too. Although they did state...
  12. Geordie

    How does CM-2 and Modules work?

    A long while ago we were told by BFC that the CM-2 engine would be able to do a lot more than its predecessor. Any kind of game could be hung from the CM-2 bones, fleshed out in no time and published. Now, when we should be seeing the CMN game coming out this summer (according to BFC...
  13. Geordie

    The Emperors New Games

    The latest round of BF insults over their Tiger screenshot has got me thinking about the whole CM thing in general and the attitude that they seem to have towards their customers. I have decided to withdraw from the BF site for a while, its not a conducive atmosphere to debate gaming issues, it...
  14. Geordie

    Sith Wars, Continued

    Ah well, Im sure they gave their reasons for deleting. Anyways, the Tournament is more than welcome here. Im looking forward to some of those kewl screenshots and Sith bragging!!!
  15. Geordie

    Perimeter Tournament Screen Shots & Discussion

    Im beginning to think that POS is simply the screenshot guy, because apart from this aspect hes not really willing or able to give a bit more in depth insights into the games.
  16. Geordie

    Perimeter Tournament Screen Shots & Discussion

    Spike Now that the tourney is winding down I have some questions regarding the forces etc. 1. What was the force mix that was most likely to win this one, obviously it was a German one, but what combinations proved most decisive. 2. What tactical approach in your opinion lead to the best...
  17. Geordie

    Perimeter Tournament Screen Shots & Discussion

    When I first joined here I didnt have a clue who you were other than that bloke that got booted from Battlefront for having multiple personalities. I dont think I actually met you (in cyber parlance) until you joined Fragment. Phil aka Pzrtwt has a lot to answer for if I ever meet him...
  18. Geordie

    Perimeter Tournament Screen Shots & Discussion

    I'm lapping up these screenshots Mick. Cant wait to see your JagdTigers in action. A SturmTiger would have been better. Ive only ever bought 1 of those and my opponent was fairly surprised by it.
  19. Geordie

    Perimeter Tournament Screen Shots & Discussion

    Pah! Those credentials dont scare anyone, no one can rest on their merits! Incedentally I have put a post up at WaW about your tourney, hopefully it can get more guys interested. Maybe someone should put one up at the Blitz too, didnt you get a decent turn out from there in the past?
  20. Geordie

    I challenge the whole SZO membership :)

    Wow, your reputation proceedes you and I'm almost impressed. All those Qb's too. Its nice to see a guy like yourself willing to branch out and try yourself on diffrent opposition.