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  1. Madmat

    Worst rule sections

    Actually if you use ASL GAP program it works really well...
  2. Madmat

    Wierd War 2 - Nazi Zombies + Grindhouse Games: Incursion lot

    Grindhouse Games Incursion game + ton of minis ******* UPDATE: SOLD ******* 1. Grindhouse Games: Incursion (2009, 1st edition) Weird War 2 meets SpaceHulk Game complete, excellent condition, smoke free, unpunched 2. x6 Metal 28mm APE suits - complete & primed 3. Evil guys - Greta...
  3. Madmat

    FOW Modern/Vietnam + rules for sale

    Flames of War: Vietnam lot w/ misc. Vietnam rulesets *************SOLD ****** **** $ 250 (or best offer) + buyer pays shipping from Los Angeles, CA 90065 Miniatures are 15mm / 1:100 scale 1. PAVN WINV07 Anti-Anti Platoon x1 pack (sealed, unopened) 2. PAVN WINV05 Infantry Platoon x4 packs...
  4. Madmat

    What boardgames have you played recently?

    GMT Fire in the Lake (COIN series). 2 player game with the 1965 scenario. Highly enjoyable. Rules are concise and well written. Setup took awhile but the game flows well. Lots of tough decisions. Other player had experience with COIN series but this was double bonus for me (1: First time...