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  1. Geordie

    Lmg mg42

    If there's one thing that I have mixed thoughts about it's this thing. The LMG MG42 just doesn't seem to give the same kind of results that I've been expecting. To be honest I was expecting it to be a bastard to play against and a force multiplier to play with. So far it seems like it's...
  2. Geordie

    New QB DAR started at BF

    The information so far has been good for those of you who enjoy a QB more than a scenario. I notice some good things so far; rarity points separated from purchase points, map previews by both players and the ability to attach units to platoons. This one should be quite interesting as it...
  3. Geordie

    CMA out in Russia

    From the vid it looks exactly the same as CMSF. Interface, commands, the lot. The buildings don't remind me of Afghanistan, they remind me of CMSF ones. Where the mud brick? I don't know whAt the guy is saying, but its clear he can't work the interface...
  4. Geordie

    Comparisons between CMN/CMBB/PCO

    Obviously, like many others I have been following the threads at both Matrix and BF concerning new and upcoming ww2 games. I have to say that its been a refreshing change to have a company that actually shows what their game does. I am impressed by the guys making PCO, their openess, their...
  5. Geordie

    New SF review Seems a fair assesment to me, but I bet this guy may become the new Devil of the Beta boys for not giving the game a perfect 10!
  6. Geordie

    Op Nemesis

    I see this is in the offing. The premise looks good as well, though he may be being a bit ambitious looking for up to 30 dedicated SF players to complete a battle every 2 weeks.
  7. Geordie

    CMN is not to be called Normandy

    Seems like they decided on the name a while ago but wont release it until nearer the time. Maybe its not going to be set in Normandy for the whole time? This would make that Tiger more plausible. CM to the Rhine? This could get around the whole Bocage thingy too. Although they did state...
  8. Geordie

    How does CM-2 and Modules work?

    A long while ago we were told by BFC that the CM-2 engine would be able to do a lot more than its predecessor. Any kind of game could be hung from the CM-2 bones, fleshed out in no time and published. Now, when we should be seeing the CMN game coming out this summer (according to BFC...
  9. Geordie

    The Emperors New Games

    The latest round of BF insults over their Tiger screenshot has got me thinking about the whole CM thing in general and the attitude that they seem to have towards their customers. I have decided to withdraw from the BF site for a while, its not a conducive atmosphere to debate gaming issues, it...
  10. Geordie

    Looking for 1 Game to get me started

    Hi Just joined here and would like to kick off with a PBEM Scenario. I play at the Blitz normally but am keen to try out here. I have played quite a few scenario so rather than choose one please indicate if you want to play and I will get back to you with a few suggestions if thats OK. Or...