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  1. Hipsu

    Is Advanding/Assault Moving to the far side Crest status allowed?

    B20.91 only gives two options for a unit to claim a Crest status during its APh. Either by starting the APh in a depression and simply claiming the crest, or by claiming the crest it crosses while entering the depression. Is it not allowed to claim the other side while advancing into the...
  2. Hipsu

    Hairy LOS question from a hill, down the valley, along the stream, woods in between. o_O

    The LOS in question is on board 47, from K3 --> P5 and Q6 VASL, if it can be trusted, blocks P5 but clears Q6, see pics below I'm trying to decipher the relevant rule, A6.3 I've learned the rule by the way of the A6.3 example, where the rule of thumb seems to be that in order to have LOS...
  3. Hipsu

    J102 The Yelnya Bridge, not sure if AFV are Elite for ammo (C8.2)

    The German infantry are SS (PanzerGrenadier Regiment Germania, 2nd SS Motorized Division) The German AFV have no SS mentioned in their group (Panzer Regiment 7, 10th Panzer Division) Do I check the rule C8.2 for each group, or does the infantry SS status cover the whole OB?
  4. Hipsu

    DC position DRMs vs bypassing AFV (C7.346, A23.5)

    A23.5: "A DC Placed/Thrown from within the same hex attacks the Rear Target Facing of an AFV." If the defender throws a DC at an bypassing AFV, does the Position DR (C7.346) get the -1 "Placed/Thrown through hull rear Target Facing" in addition to the -2 "Vehicle target is in Bypass in same hex...
  5. Hipsu

    A20.551 a surrendering enemy squad rearming my unarmed squad

    I have a GO squad and an unarmed squad (my side) together in the same location. An adjacent enemy squad surrenders to them. Can't my unarmed squad rearm itself? It seems according to A20.551 that my unarmed squad should've been in the same location as the enemy when it surrendered? Odd.
  6. Hipsu

    Bugs and caveats in SALSA II

    So I finally played some proper SASL games during the holidays (I've only dabbled before). I used SALSA II and noticed some inconsistencies in the otherwise perfect companion tool. I'm not sure if everyone is aware of these. The Infantry/AFV Actions -buttons have a bug. The results are wrong by...
  7. Hipsu

    Question about S? placement in woods (4.1 case b)

    I find this rule a bit ambiguous: (b) One S? in each woods/brush Location that has an odd or even coordinate.. ..and is either part of ≥ three connected woods/brush Locations (i.e., the woods/brush depiction extends across a hexside(s) "connecting" to the woods/brush depiction in the ADJACENT...
  8. Hipsu

    Goliath becomes a Burning Wreck and explodes. Does +2 effects DRM apply?

    Let me quote some Goliath vehicle note rules: ...If a Goliath becomes a Burning Wreck or is detonated, it explodes in the same manner as 36 FP Placed DC attack... Also repeated later: ...if destroyed such that it would have become a Burning Wreck if it had wreck capability, it instead...