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  1. Pyth

    A10.531 and the case of the mysterious House Rule

    The following wonderfully clear text is snipped from a 2004 Ole Boe GS post: The part I emphasized in red is crucial to applying A10.531 correctly. And that red part could be said even more explicitly imo, something like "regardless of the individual characteristics of a unit's weapon or lack...
  2. Pyth


    My routing squad took interdiction, NMC was 1,1 .... hob made them beserk.... what do the new minted berserkers do? Stop in place? finish rout? charge? they had used 1 MF when they went bonkers. TIA
  3. Pyth

    SW as passenger/ Bucholz Station

    ASL Scenario I (👁) Bucholz Station has the US beginning the scenario with a dm HMG as 'passenger' on a jeep. Is this an unpossessed SW that must be recovered? Can the jeep "drop" it, or must it be unloaded? Does the inherent Driver unload it, or must some infantry load onto the jeep, grab it...
  4. Pyth

    Aerial Range and NVR

    When paratroops are aerial, their range is aerial (doubled)... but the NVR is calculated by hexes not range -- right? <--- that's my primary question. According to my read of Chap E NVR is measured in hexes and there doesn't seem to be an EXC for Aerial. So in a NVR=3 Scenario a Paratrooper...
  5. Pyth

    Abandoning into melee

    Here's the situation: I have a German halftrack in a woodsroad hex containing a German 548 and a Russian 628 in melee, and adajacent are more Russian Infantry. It is German Mph. I am considering my options. One option being, abandoning into the melee (bringing my germans up to 1-1 with the...
  6. Pyth

    C3.41 ITT buildings and "devoid of such" DRMs

    I want to prepfire a stopped BU 88LL ITT at a ground level wooden building location which contains no apparent enemy but which may contain a HIP Gun. What are the DRMs for hitting the building (to create potential rubble/flame) and what are the DRMs for hitting a HIP'd emplaced Gun should it...
  7. Pyth

    Defensive fire vs DC Placement (and smoke placement).

    In the RB example for A23 DC placement -- a german unit enters an open ground road hex between buildings and places a DC charge in a building hex occupied by a soviet 5-2-7 -- 1 MF expended moving, 2 MF expended in the road placing charge. The executive summary of my question is: Do the MF...
  8. Pyth

    Remarkable late war US film clip

    I was googling for an image of an AFV rubbling a building and stumbled across this imo rather powerful film clip (under 5 mins) about the US capture of Cologne -- its probably familiar to many of you and I think some of this footage is used pretty often but I'd never seen it in entireity and...
  9. Pyth

    For PF targetting... is a squad that possesses a DC "manning a SW"?

    The thread title is the question.
  10. Pyth

    Maximum hindrance for firelane placement

    What is the maximum hindrance for firelane placement? I believe the initial firelane establishing shot must be +5 hindrance (as +6 is out of los,) this is whether the hindrance is hard or soft. Assuming that is correct, I believe it is also correct that firelane residual --after a legal...
  11. Pyth

    Minefield exit and HIP Discovery.

    An German MMC exits an AP-minefield location to enter a woods hex containing a HIP American MMC. 1. The minefield exit attack is conducted prior to any bumpscout -- so if the German is pinned or worse, it has not exited the hex and has not bumped the HIPster. Correct?
  12. Pyth

    Wall advantage, Guns and buildings.

    A hex contains a stone building and three of its hexsides are bocage. -- Can infantry set-up HIP in the building hex w/ WA and retain concealment as if in concealment terrain? -- Can a Crew possessing an M5 76L ATGun set up emplaced HIP in the building and claim WA, retaining concealment as in...
  13. Pyth

    Questions about Winter Offensive

    If I can only make a day trip for Winter Offensive is there a best day to go? I presume there's a multi-day tournament... but would there be some casual ASL for someone (me) who can't make the whole thing?
  14. Pyth

    Hero gets his gun(s)?

    German MMC riders possessing an lmg take fire generating a 1,1 morale check and HOB generates a hero. According to: As this is a sub-unit creation, the hero gets his gun 'freely' but does he get it the instant he is created, or does he wait until all other fire against that MP expenditure is...
  15. Pyth

    Crew survival and D1F

    If the elimination occurs during the Mph what does 'expending all remaining MF' mean regarding further D1F shots? Do crew possess MF calculated as one does passengers based on the MP's expended prior to unloading... -- so that a Crew which survives an attack that came in the first 1/4 of its...
  16. Pyth

    Gun duels and smoke

    Can smoke dispensers of any kind be used by either attacker or defender in gun duel (sD sM sN crew smoke)? Also can a non-motion AFV DFF SMOKE ammo? (and if so it could presumably use SMOKE in a gun duel... I don't think it should be able to but I don't think I've seen a rule prohibiting it.)
  17. Pyth

    Conflicting Q&A for -- Bog penalties for AFVs in Buildings and Woods?

    Can anyone straighten this out for me? My question is essentially the one being asked in the Q&A's... The answers of which contradict the D2.11 RB text in a way I can't explain, but that's ok, its the way Q&A's seem to contradict each other that really has me wondering how to proceed.
  18. Pyth

    CC reaction fire with streetfighting rules + VBM and concealment loss -- when does "its" (AFV's) MPh end.

    This came up in a game last night (in the most agonizing way for me.) A whole lot of questions about concealment (loss) and the resolution of CC reaction fire against stationary bypass. A BU German AFV entered a building hex in bypass and stopped. (The stop the 14th MP expended by a vehicle...
  19. Pyth

    Narrow streets MP B31.11

    A vehicle pays half bypass cost on narrow streets. Does this apply to an AFV both BU and CE, or does a BU AFV pay normal bypass (2 MP/hexside) and the CE pays pays 1/2 (1MP/hexside)? In the halved bypass cost, does the vca change at the vertex cost 1, or 1/2 MP? Thanks in advance.
  20. Pyth

    How many buildings? (J32 Panzer Graveyard/Map 46)

    This is a section of map 46, used in J32 Panzer Graveyard. The victory conditions: "The Germans win at game end if they Control greater or equal to 20 buildings within the British setup area (rowhouses are treated as one building for VC purposes). I have a few questions about this. (I think I...