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  1. ASLAddict

    Deluxe 2mm Corner Cutter Problem

    Hello everybody. I bought a second deluxe 2mm corner cutter. Unfortunately, the new 2 mm cutter does not cut well, it only slides over the counter corners when cutting. Can I adjust the cutting surface ? Best regards
  2. ASLAddict

    macOS Catalina VASL

    Yesterday the new Mac OS Catalina was released. With it Apple throws out all 32 bit applications. VASL is shown as incompatible. Has anyone experienced if VASL works with OS Catalina? Thanks
  3. ASLAddict

    KGS 2011/2018 Difference ?

    Hello everyone, can you tell me if there is a difference in content between KGS 2011 and the reprint of 2018? Thank you and many greetings
  4. ASLAddict

    New member from Germany

    Hello everyone, i'm new to the game since the beginning of this year. I'm currently learning about VASSEL from a very good player. Unfortunately there aren't that many players in Germany. That's why i'd be happy about any further support when learning the game. I'd preferred a german-speaking...