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  1. dpabrams77

    Bulldozer Article, what publication?

    I am on the verge of playing SC and I had recently came across an excellent article on 15. Bulldozers. I cannot find the damn thing again but I am sure it was online and it was an excellent "how to". I have Googled and even check the ASL Article Index and I just can't find it. The article had...
  2. dpabrams77

    How is the FW VASL looking?

    Set up my first scenario today in VASL, that of course uses existing boards and counters. Just curious, I thought I had read that it's usually a month or so before the updates are released for new modules?
  3. dpabrams77

    What file format do the boards need to be in to edit?

    I'd like to edit a board. Is there a way to change the file name so that it can be edited? I tried gif and jpeg but no go. Thanks,