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  1. turlusiflu

    Hidden Guns and setup order

    As per A12.12, The player setting up first in a scenario does so out of vision of his opponent, and after setting up his regular units may place only scenario OB-designated "?" at first—but only in Terrain listed in red in the Terrain Chart/Desert Terrain Chart/PTO Terrain Chart . After his...
  2. turlusiflu

    Hindrance hexes at same distance from the firer

    In A6.7 of ASLRB it is stated that "Whenever a LOS crosses (or goes along the shared hexside of) two hexes that have the same range to the firer, however, only the LOS Hindrance of the hex with the highest applicable LOS Hindrance DRM is counted. Therefore, the number of hexes in which a LOS...
  3. turlusiflu

    PTO Terrain and TH/TK for SK extensions

    I don't know if these extensions were posted already, so here they are: PTO Terrain TH/TK Tables for SK#3 Extensions
  4. turlusiflu

    TCA change and Case A

    As per 3.51 MAINTAINING CA: Once a vehicle fires any turret-mounted weapon, any of its other turret-mounted weapons which fire within the current respective CA must pay the same CA Change penalty as the first weapon which fired. If, after firing, another turret-mounted weapon (or the MA which...
  5. turlusiflu

    Lone Acquisition tracking a new target

    A small acquisition counter loses LOS to its tracked target, remaining in an empty hex. Then, another enemy known unit moves to this hex and, as per C6.51, If the firer does not lose that counter as per 6.5, it will still apply should another Known unit occupy that acquired Location. Following...
  6. turlusiflu

    Acquisition lost after CC?

    As per C6.5: The target remains acquired until the Gun/manning-infantry that placed it leaves its present Location [EXC: Gyrostabilizer; 6.55]—or the Gun changes its CA without firing on its already-acquired target during the current phase—or the Gun (or its CMG unless in a separate turret)...
  7. turlusiflu

    Exit area

    If the Victory Conditions state that the attacker earns VP by exiting "off I10", have the attacker units to leave the board strictly from I10, or is it possible to exit also from H10 and J10? (I have taken this picture from a setup file in
  8. turlusiflu

    Banzai Charge and DC Hero

    The 3-4-8 in AA9 declares Banzai Charge to W8. Then creates a DC Hero. Can the DC Hero choose the 3-3-7 squad in EE9 as his Designated Target? Or is he obligued to choose W8, because it is the target hex of the Banzai Charge of his mother MMC? As per Q&A: G1.424 & G1.5 A Japanese Squad has...
  9. turlusiflu

    Bounding First Fire within TCA

    As per rule 7.8, "...A vehicle that uses MG Bounding Fire must halve its FP and a Bounding First Firer must always fire within its TCA (it may usually adjust the TCA if expending MP before firing)..." Does it mean that I cannot fire the BMG if it is not within the TCA? In the ASLRB: "C5.13...
  10. turlusiflu

    Ignorable Locations in Rout Phase

    Let's consider the following Q&A: A10.5 & A10.51 Using the A10.531 Example, assume there is a German unit in J2 with the broken Russian unit. Also assume there is no German unit in K4. It is the start of that Russian's unit rout. When determining the unit's rout destination (nearest in MF...
  11. turlusiflu

    Acquisition tracking and LOS check

    As per C6.51:..."If an acquired target leaves its present Location and thereby goes out of the firer's LOS (as per 6.15; a free LOS check may be made to ascertain if this occurred), the ½" Acquired counter remains in the last Location that target occupied prior to leaving the acquirer's LOS." A...
  12. turlusiflu

    Berserk leader with dummies

    A broken leader stacked with dummies goes berserk. Then he has to try to berserk the dummies. Does it mean that the dummies have to be revealed, or the leader makes a NTC as if the concealed units have a Morale of 7, and only reveal them if they become berserk? In the latter case, providing...
  13. turlusiflu

    Case A for turreted weapons

    The Russian tank moves to T7. Can the German tank fire its CMG changing its TCA and applying +2 DRM for Case A, although it cannot make any harm to the Russian tank? If it is so, then the TCA is pointing W7. The Russian tank moves to U8, V8 and W9. The German fires then its MA to W9, changing...
  14. turlusiflu

    AFV into woods

    As per B13.41 VEHICLES: Any vehicle may enter a woods hex without using Road or VBM by expending all of its movement capability (other than for starting [D2.12], stopping [D2.13], towing [C10.1] and even if using Minimum Move) to enter that hex and then making a Bog DR. Is this "movement...
  15. turlusiflu

    AFV up to a hill by road CE

    A fully tracked AFV spends 2 MP+DOT when moving up to a hill by road. Does it matter if the crew is CE or BU in order to consider DOT? i.e. if the hill is Open Ground and the AFV goes CE, the movement cost is 2+1 MP or 2+0.5 MP?
  16. turlusiflu

    Routing towards the enemy

    Which are the possible routing destinations for the broken unit in Y5? W6 and X6 are closer to the enemy in U5, that is in LOS of his current location; but providing that he could reach X6 in less than 6 MF, can he designate X6 as destination, and do Low Crawl to Y6? In the case that he...
  17. turlusiflu

    AFV and hedges

    An AFV behind a hedge may not claim Hull Down. Does the +1 Hedges TEM protect the whole AFV from direct fire, or just the Hull, leaving the Turret unprotected?
  18. turlusiflu

    Split and move of stack units

    Rule A4.2 states that "...units may choose to move together as a stack at their own risk and may break up the stack during the MPh to continue to move separately but all members of that moving stack must end their MPh before another unit not in that stack may move.4 Units moving as a stack...
  19. turlusiflu

    When a Human Wave unit is no longer a HW unit?

    A Human Wave unit has 8 MF to spend in his movement. A25.235 says that "A unit remains a HW Unit (even if no longer adjacent to another HW Unit) until it is: eliminated; broken; out of MF at the end of an Impulse;..." So when is it considered that the impulse is ended? When the movement of all...
  20. turlusiflu

    Concealed leader

    A concealed 8-1 leader and a 467 unconcealed squad receive an attack that results in No Effect vs. the leader and NMC vs. the squad. The NMC DR of the squad is 7, resulting Pinnned. Question: can the leader help the squad with his -1 in the NMC? Answers: a) Yes, if he is revealed at the...