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  1. Robin Reeve

    A17.2 Wounded movement and A4.72 Advance in Difficult Terrain

    Hi all, Just to check, A17.2 says that a wounded SMC "cannot Double Time". But if it advances at a cost of 3 MF, I presume that it will become CX and that such advance (covered by Advance in Difficult Terrain), not being Double Time, is allowed?
  2. Robin Reeve

    D3.7 MA disabled Recall effects

    Hi all, D3.7 says : "Any vehicle whose MA and all Secondary Armament (if any, as per Vehicle Listing) are all disabled is immediately Recalled (5.341) unless that vehicle has Passenger/Towing capability. " Does this Recall status include the "+1" DRM that is the effect of a STUN result? I...
  3. Robin Reeve

    D3.7 and 5.34 When can an AFV be stunned during RPh?

    D3.7 says : "Repair of each malfunctioned weapon can be attempted once per RPh with a separate dr for each malfunctioned weapon by any inherent crew that is not shocked or stunned." As the Stun marker is removed during the preceding CCPh and as the AFV is no more stunned, what situation would...
  4. Robin Reeve

    D4.3 Underbelly hit: range and Location of the event

    Hi all, D4.3 UNDERBELLY HITS says that an Underbelly hit can occur vs. an AFV "within six hexes of the hex being entered". However, it also says that "such Defensive First Fire is conducted after the AFV expends the MP to cross-the-hexside/exit-the-gully but before it enters the next hex"...
  5. Robin Reeve

    logfile saving problem

    Hi, The problem is on my side, as I have had the same with two different players. When I want to end a logfile, I have an error message saying that I wasn't able to save the logfile. Now, if I use the "close game" function (i.e. not stopping the logfile), the logfile is correctly saved... But in...
  6. Robin Reeve

    BFP 431 VAS extension : where do I find the BFP Polish units?

    Senior moment here... I have the BFP 4.3.1 extension, and I can find among the unit lists the German, Russian and Axis Minor units included in PiF (there is a PiF menu included in those respective nationalities menus), but I cannot manage to find any Polish PiF units among the Allied minors ones...
  7. Robin Reeve

    vasltemplates problem ?

    Hi, I used the vasltemplates to add some useful notes in my setup file. I can open and close it fine, but my opponents cannot and have the following message : Where could be the problem ?
  8. Robin Reeve

    Mounted or SK style boards : what do you think is the better?

    Hi all, Having had a heated online debate with a couple newbies who consider that the switch to the SK style, lighter boards compared with the mounted ones, was a bad idea, I am interested to know what you think of the question. I would add that the criticism both considered that the lighter...
  9. Robin Reeve

    Breslau siege resources

    Hi all, I purchased Hitler's Final Fortress, Breslau 1945, by Richard Hargreaves, Stackpole Military History Series, 2011, 268 p. I was hoping to find good details of military operations, but those very tightly written pages are more an accumulation of generalities and individual witnesses...
  10. Robin Reeve

    BFPv431 VASL extension

    Hi all, Running VASL 6.5.0 I noted that I had German 468 which, rather than breaking, became SS and which reduced as a 238 rather than a 248. Removing my extensions and replacing them progressively, I noted that the bug seemed linked to the BFPv431 extension. Which is quite annoying, as I...
  11. Robin Reeve

    VASL 6.5.0 468 deploy as 238

    Hi, I just noticed that the German Wehrmacht 468, when they deploy become 238 (with the circled E exponent). The other squad types work correctly.
  12. Robin Reeve

    French vehicle note 33 error ?

    Hi all, French vehicle note 33 (Laffly S15T) refers to "V15T - French Vehicle Note 34)". However, the Laffly V15T is described in Vehicle Note 35.
  13. Robin Reeve

    A25.221 and G1.41 : is Commissar or Japanese Leader morale increase cumulative ?

    After A25.221, "An unpinned, unbroken Commissar increases the Morale Level of all other friendly Infantry/Cavalry units in the same Location by one" Comparable rule for Japanese leaders : G1.41 "A Japanese Infantry/Cavalry leader increases the Morale Level of all other non-berserk Japanese...
  14. Robin Reeve

    Where can I find the Ammo Supply counters ?

    Hi all, I am lost in the labyrinth: can someone tell me where I can find the Ammo Supply counters? Thanks in advance.
  15. Robin Reeve

    J108 Danica Air Ammo Supply

    Hi all, About to play J108 Danica Air. SSR4 speaks of Ammo Supply counters: am I right not to identify them with Ammo Dumps (E10.6)?
  16. Robin Reeve

    B31.21 Steeple rubble stacking limit

    Is the normal stacking limit of a rubbled Steeple Location of : a) a HS b) three squads a) HS ....Perry MMP
  17. Robin Reeve

    A23.7-.71 Set DC from the Location under a Bridge

    Q : A23.71 speaks of a Set DC "destroying a bridge hex", so may it be set by a unit under the Bridge? A : No, the DC must be Set in a Bridge Location to destroy the bridge. ....Perry MMP
  18. Robin Reeve

    Deliberate Immoblization and Boresight DRM (C5.71, 6.4, 6.5)

    Hi all, I just need a confirmation that I understand the rule correctly. C5.71 stipulates that a Deliberate Immobilization Attempt may not use Acquisition DRM (confirmed by C6.5). However, as Boresight DRM (C6.4) is not Acquisition, am I right to think that it can apply to a Deliberate...
  19. Robin Reeve

    A23.7-.71 Set DC from the Location under a Bridge

    Hi all, A debate on the French forum asks the following question: A23.71 speaks of a Set DC "destroying a bridge hex", so may it be set by a unit under the Bridge?
  20. Robin Reeve

    Crest, ADJACENT and FG (B20.91)

    Is a unit in Crest status ADJACENT to a unit adjacent to the Depression in a non Depression hex which is not part of the front hexes of the in Crest unit? B20.91 says that "Infantry in Crest status are considered entrenched one level higher than the Depression against all Direct fire attacks...