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  1. commissar1969

    Commissar Exchange

    A25.22 states: 25.22 COMMISSAR: A Commissar is a 9-0 or 10-0 leader with special capabilities. At the start of any scenario (including DYO/Russian Partisans) during or prior to 10/42, the Russian player may replace up to one 8-0 leader with a 9-0 Political Commissar and/or one 8-1 leader with...
  2. commissar1969

    Inherent Terrain and Graveyards

    Graveyards are Inherent Terrain. However, if I'm firing across an ADJACENT Wall hexside that is also part of a graveyard (i.e. lengthwise) at a target 4 hexes away (e.g. 53P2 --> L2), do I have to count the Graveyard as a Hindrance?
  3. commissar1969

    Rally Phase Actions

    Can a Squad be deployed (by a leader) AND transfer a SW in the same RPh?
  4. commissar1969

    Shooting through a Terrain Blaze

    Gentlemen: If I understand the following rule correctly, I can fire right though a Stone Building that is ablaze (It says below that "Fire has no other effect [i.e. other than the Hindrance?] on LOS." Is that correct? If not, why not? 25.2 SMOKE: Any Burning Wreck or terrain Blaze is...
  5. commissar1969

    Status on top at start

    Gentlemen: I'm about to start a scen with a friend and my vehicles are making HD attempts since they're set up on Crestlines. Once I've established that a vehicle is HD, should that counter not go on the top (he enters from offboard). Is it fair, in other words, to hide the HD status from my...
  6. commissar1969

    Why Ammo Vehicles (E10) When AFV Have no B#?

    Getting ready to play ASL 78 (Encounter and Cornimont) and am looking at SSR2 which states that the French trucks are Ammo Vehicles. The vehicles in question have a normal breakdown. Why do they need Ammo Trucks? E10.1 even states: " If a vehicle has a B# (D3.71), a SSR may specify that it...
  7. commissar1969


    Imagine two adjacent PBs. There is a Trench in one of the two hexes. Can a Unit in a PB use that Trench to Advance directly into the other PB if he's not starting in the Trench? If not, why? The player in question is claiming that the Trench allows the Unit to Advance directly from one PB to...
  8. commissar1969

    D6.83 Carrier Removable Armament

    The first sentence of D6.83 states: "6.83 A Carrier HS/crew may also abandon/re-occupy a Carrier along with the Carrier's MG/ATR/mortar as per 6.631." So if I have a Carrier B, may I remove the MG and the ATR when I abandon the vehicle or do I have to choose between one or the other? In other...
  9. commissar1969

    Spotters and Opportunity Fire

    Gents: A Concealed Unit is spotting for a mortar. 2 questions: 1) If I Opportunity Fire the mortar, do I have to Opportunity Fire the concealed Spotter as well (i.e. in order to be able to Opportunity Fire in the AFPh)? 2) If the answer to #1 is yes, does the Spotter lose Concealment?
  10. commissar1969

    Ground Support: "Rockets" and "PTAB"

    Gentlemen: SSR6 of scenario "The Fuehrer's Firemen" (published by On All Fronts, Sept '87 issue, pp. 7-8) states that the Soviet player receives Sturmovik support and that he may choose among "82mm rockets, PTAB, or 150 HE." Where are the rules for rockets? What are "PTAB" and where can I find...
  11. commissar1969

    C5.1 - Firing outside CA

    During the opponent's MPh, a T34-85 (360 degree Gun mount) changes its TCA (only) 2 hexspines in order to DFF against a target. It fires its CMG and then its MA (no ROF). Another target comes into view and in order to Intensive Fire on it, the T34-85 has to change its TCA one more hexspine. As...
  12. commissar1969

    Bounding Fire Same Tank, Separate MG Fire, Same Target

    Gentlemen: Can a Bounding Fire tank, in the same MPh, fire its (non-MA) CMG at a target, await the outcome, and then fire its (non-MA) BMG at the same target / Location? Thank you, Commie
  13. commissar1969

    Meaning of "immobilized"

    Fellow ASL Enthusiasts: Rule D 6.5 states that "Passengers/Riders [. . .] may unload from an immobilized vehicle unless that vehicle has already expended more than three-fourths of its MP allotment during the current MPh." The index defines "immobile" as "any vehicle which is Abandoned...
  14. commissar1969

    Bridge LOS and Movement

    Gentlemen: Please see illustration: Does a Unit at DD5 have an LOS to a Unit IN CC5 (i.e. under the bridge)? Why / why not? Can a Unit in DD5 Move/Advance beneath the Bridge? Why / why not? Thanks in advance! Chuck Hammond (aka "Commissar1969")
  15. commissar1969

    A24.4 Smoke Elevation

    In the unofficial Perry sez I found this: If there is Smoke in F7, is the LOS between E7 and F8 hindered by that smoke? A. Yes I don't understand why, since in F7, the Smoke is emanating from a hex whose base level of 2. Why would the fire between two level-1 hexes be affected?
  16. commissar1969

    SW Removal from Jeeps

    About to play U8 (Weissenhof Crossroads). The Americans get 2 Jeeps with 2FP AAMG's. From the Vehicle Notes: O. The AAMG is a .50-cal HMG if 4 or 6 FP, or a MMG if 2 FP—and may be Removed (D6.631) as such. When you look at D6.631, it says that Crews Abandoning can Remove the MG. But then it...
  17. commissar1969

    Does Ram Kangaroo carry BAZ?

    Citizens: I am in an argument with an opponent who maintains that the Ram Kangaroo does not carry an inherent BAZ that can be Removed by Passengers as they Unload - he claims only the Priests have it. Here are the relevant rules. Am I right that the Ram Kangaroo carries an inherent BAZ? Also -...
  18. commissar1969

    +2 ATT TH vs Hex with HIP?

    Citizens: Well, the title pretty much poses the question, albeit in abbreviated form: If I am firing a Gun, Area Target Type vs. a hex and it turns out there were HIP Units in the hex, does a retroactive +2 mod apply since HIP is a form of Concealment? Please advise. Thanks in advance...
  19. commissar1969

    Area Fire vs. Units out of LOS

    My friend and I are playing VotG. He has a Mortar in KK26. He fires at hex DD25, which only contains units in the cellar (that he cannot see). There are no other units at any other level in that hex. He rolls 1,1. The only relevant rule that I can find is: C3.33 AREA TARGET TYPE: The Area...
  20. commissar1969

    VotG Hex H36

    Hello, VotG H36 is a combination of Debris and Paved Road. Can a Gun set up Emplaced in it? Thanks, Commie