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  1. teak

    Can anyone beat Ohio State?

    Chuck Norris could
  2. teak

    ASL fanatic personalities.

    Bad typing day today. During last two hours I've made 5 typos in the net and all of them are in places where they cannot be fixed.
  3. teak

    ASL fanatic personalities.

    Ups... The last one should mean: no problems in sanity :)
  4. teak

    ASL fanatic personalities.

    Just started to wonder... How many perfectionists or even patients of anankastic personalities or for americans obsessive-compulsive personality disorder are among us. The wars about what is the best and the only way for organize are straight from the list of the symptoms of anankastic...
  5. teak

    What's your favorite WWII tank?

    BT-42, of course... I hope that it'll be on the Finnish module :) Tuomo (not the first, neither the other...) ps. There are too many Tuomos in this "scene" :) pps. Weren't it the favourite, not the best...
  6. teak

    Degenerating post of Dday special - I've moved on

    damn... I should have remembered... Not El Agheila, but El Alamein...
  7. teak

    Degenerating post of Dday special - I've moved on

    I thought that everybody knew, that the war was decided on Finnish front. The Soviet Union started to crumble as soon as Finns started their attack, and SU was saved only by the voluntary halt of finnish advance. Not soon after the declaration of war by UK to Finland (6 of december 1941), their...
  8. teak

    Warchieftain Haakon?

    How many of you got message warchieftain Haakon, who advertises Play-by-Email game? Allmost identical advertise was on an english roleplaying "news"site, only difference was ASL to Europa Universalis.... This feels and looks like a spam to me...
  9. teak

    Boards, scenarios and overlays from newcomers perspective

    Damn... I knew that I should have found that newer version of my list of needed/acquired board before mailing... The old one has too much information/spills/overwriten text in too small area for it's own good :) Tuomo Kalliokoski
  10. teak

    Boards, scenarios and overlays from newcomers perspective

    As a beginger in ASL my main problem is that many of freely available scenarios are using "wrong" boards and overlays. When one starts collecting ASL stuff first he gets boards 20-23 and he would like to have introductory style scenarios. 4/10 scenarios in BV are not playable with boxed boards...
  11. teak

    Misprinted counters

    I'm now organising my counters and hunting for misprints in them. I think that I found a missprint which is not mentioned on MMP site. There should be dm MTR 46mm / dm MTR 50mm counters on 2nd ed. Last Hurrah but they are missprinted as 46mm / 81mm. Are there other missprints not mentioned on...