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    ASL Counters

    Again, Mark, you're welcome to think what you want. You're welcome to disparage anyone who disagrees as being cavemen, as you have done. Clearly, the majority of players responding to this poll (so far), as well as the majority of responders to the multiple threads on this topic here, on CSW and...
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    Scenario title puns or Examining the The Tigers Wrecked' em

    Children of the Kunai is still a classic title.
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    By all means, give him our regards. I think SASL is one of the most underrated products in the entire system, mainly because a number of players shy away from it because it's not "real" ASL. Frankly, it's a tremendous accomplishment to have made a solitaire system for a game as complex as ASL...
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    Highly recommend SASL. Ditto to all above. Especially the part about using VASL on a laptop. You do get some funny looks from the guy in the seat next to you on the plane, however. Pete
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    Electronic ASLRB...?

    D'oh! Actually, I'm a couple of issues behind on errata, so no surprise I guess. :( Pete
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    Electronic ASLRB...?

    OK, now I'm paranoid. :) What'd I miss? Pete
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    Electronic ASLRB...?

    Format is HTML. Screenshot 1 (Table of contents) Screenshot 2 Screenshot 3 (Nationalities Chart) Screenshot 4 Screenshot 5 (ASOP) Pete
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    Electronic ASLRB...?

    Thanks. Pete
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    Electronic ASLRB...?

    Actually, that'd be fun to see. Can anyone remind me how to get screenshots off a Windows system? Pete
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    Average Forum Age

    Funny comment by someone on CSW this week. Someone recommended reading the obituaries and looking for balding, overweight white guys dying in their 40s and 50s. When found, contact the widow and offer to take his game collection off her hands. :) Pete
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    Which ASL modules do you own?

    Is there anyway to change how the percentages are calculated? For this poll, each should indicate what percentage of respondents have that module, rather than the percentage that module represents of the total number of modules. Cool to look at, though. Pete
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    Big Bad Bocage Blues

    I tried to do a somewhat comprehensive overview of WA and Bocage at my website. The links to the articles are as follows: Wall Advantage Bocage Pete
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    What is the contour interval on an HASL map?

    Yeah, but you can't use bypass and double-time at the same time. No running around the pool, remember? :) Pete
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    What is the contour interval on an HASL map?

    Actually, the diving rules are already there. See E6.1. Pete
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    What is the contour interval on an HASL map?

    My disagreement wasn't over using Chapter J. It was over "using lasers and/or periscopes to determine "true" LOS." :) At this point, I think we're arguing pretty much the same points. :toast: The reality argument isn't abstracting hours into 2-minute blocks. The reality argument occurs...
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    What is the contour interval on an HASL map?

    Yeah, but at that point you're not really playing ASL anymore, or at least you're using the terrain defined in the ASLRB in ways it probably wasn't designed to be used. In any case, I interpreted Don's original question to be one of determining elevations on a map compared to the historical...
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    What is the contour interval on an HASL map?

    "Abstracted" is the word to remember with ASL. As far as elevations go, I think it's a case of going by what fits the terrain you wish to depict. Rather than the designer saying "here is a 80m hill, that makes it level-4" or something similar, I envision the design process being more like "this...
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    Thank Gawd for MMP

    You said it, Keith. Pete (p.s., apologies for quoting to everyone who had Keith on their "ignore" list) :p
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    ASL products for November?

    Could've fooled me.
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    Bocage WA

    For what it's worth, Bruce, remember that I was the one who started the original ASLML discussion and initially I was arguing from the same point of view that you are (although probably not as well). I now fully agree with the points that Ole has made (and Bruce Probst made at the time - in...