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    SAME AS ABOVE. what happened? I guess life happened eh? I know I was away for awhile but nobody else here for awhile? Mark, mantis,larry?? many more..... well, if anybody is up for a game, lemme know. would love to crack back into the game? Jason....Skhooter
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    Countdown to Infamy for TOAW3

    Hello, I have pretty much re-designed this scenario from TOAW:Century of Warfare. The scenario was previously filled with many holes, shall we say. I had rushed the finished last time. There were many problems that existed with the events... iunno if I'm thinking more clearly or it I was...
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    Countdown to Infamy for TOAW3

    hELLO, I have been doing a lot of small fixes to the scenario as well as editing the briefing to be more helpful. I remember now that I had rushed a few things to try and get it ready for the release of toaw3....didn't make lotsa small changes then it will be a complete scenario...
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    Countdown to Infamy for TOAW3

    Hello, It's been awhile for sure. Work, girlfriend, travel, Lasvegas has kept me busy..... bloody 'ell. I have missed being here and having fun playing, creating and chatting. I have done a wee update for a scenario that was designed for Century of Warfare. "Countdown to Infamy" It...