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    Dinant beachable hexsides ?

    Hello DN2.11 states beaching is allowed across all-water and all-land hexsides shared by river and land hexes. If I read that right per COWTRA a boat cannot beach onto a hexside of PP31 nor PP32, among others. Am I correct? Doesn't seem so. What say you? Thanks Alan
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    hills and non-hillside bocage los

    hello all hex 84E5 as an example. hill hex with 2 bocage hexsides, not on hill. as i under stand it units on the hill have los past the bocage hexsides. a6.2. also that they would get no tem from bocage only ha. am i right. sorry not savvy enough to include picture. thanks alan
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    ASL non-reality ?

    Hello all First, this is not a gripe just an observation. I figure it's that way for playability. I was looking at the RO map and was thinking about the 3 gullies that dump into the river, say at ROII42- JJ41 hexside. River is flooded so at level 0, gulley in II42 is at level -1. Why aren't...
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    SK#4 boards

    Hello all Have gotten all the ASL starter kits for various reasons and I thought most of the boards to be plain and just looked like something missing, not quite right ( think walls/hedges, narrow streets). But I really liked boards n & o for their simplicity and plainness, just good ol'...
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    Real heros

    Hello all I was recently thinking about two, that I know of, real heros in the US countermix, Murphy and Basilone (Rock doesn't count) and was wondering how many other real heros are remembered in the entire countermix. Would enjoy hearing from the collective knowledge of the forum on this...
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    AP 123 footbridge ?

    Hello all Looking at AP123 ,Busting in Balta, and can't see any good reason for the footbridge. Can someone enlighten me as to what I am missing, if anything? Thanks all Alan
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    b27.6 errata

    Hello all. looking at J12 errata on B27.6 about the deleted sentence talking about trench TEM for snapshots. What does this mean? Thanks to all. Alan
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    Lc question

    Hello all. Reading LC rules the first time and am unclear on loading/unloading multiple units. Say you have 3 1/2 squads unloading from a 39 PP LC that has 4 MP left and is beached, will the LC spend 1 or 4 MP for their unloading at 25% MF each not stacked, what if they unload as a single...
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    Just saw (and preordered it #95) ap6 is on the preorder list. :)