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  1. Ronnblom

    Friendly Fire Pack 12

    I'm happy to announce that Friendly Fire Pack 12 is now available. The format is the same as previous scenario packs. 8 scenarios, mostly Eastern Front this year. You will find armored propeller-driven snow mobiles, boy soldiers, air support taking off...
  2. Ronnblom

    Friendly Fire 2017 Results

    Hi all. Here are the results from this year's Friendly Fire tournament: Thanks to all those attending, and all those who've contributed to Friendly Fire Pack 11. The pack will be released on ASLOk, as usual. It's Melvin's third FrF...
  3. Ronnblom

    What is the Wunderwagen?

    Friendly Fire Pack 5 features the Wunderwagen. But what is it?
  4. Ronnblom

    Case A DRMs cumulative or not

    Consider the D3.51 EX. During its PFPh, the Pz IVH in 19X5 fire its CMG at the 4-4-7 in Z5. The CA change related DRM for the two hexspines change with a T type turret is +2 (Case A). Then the Pz IVH fires its MA at the 4-4-7 in Z3. What is the Case A related DRM?
  5. Ronnblom

    Deliberate pointing a Gun towards a hexside rather than a hexspine

    > Are you allowed to deliberately place a Gun with its barrel/vehicle > front towards a hexside rather than a hexspine? The intention would > be, in the case of a concealed Gun, to give the impression of the Gun > having another CA than is actually the case. > > Just to be clear, I'll...