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  1. Sand Bar Bill

    Wings of the Motherland - 4th release of the Fighting Wings series

    The air war over the Soviet Union is the fourth "module" of the Fighting Wings series just released, at a hefty $135. The Fighting Wings series is definitely the "ASL" of WWII air combat and is a direct descent of the popular Air Superiority/Air Strike games from GDW in the 1980's. In terms of...
  2. Sand Bar Bill

    If a leader makes a MOL (molotov cocktail) check and fails, may he still use his leadership modifier?

    If a leader attempts to roll for a Molotov cocktail and fails, may he still add his leadership modifier to the squad he is with? Rule 22.611 does not address. (The situation was a 3-4-7 squad with a 2-7 LMG and a 8-1 leader. It was useless for the squad to roll for the MOL because they would...
  3. Sand Bar Bill

    Looks like a must-see movie

    Looks like a must see... at least for me, dog shelter volunteer. Starring Kate Mara and the worst dog in the shelter. LOL.
  4. Sand Bar Bill

    J147 (Into the Grinding Mill) setup question

    The Japanese are to "set up east of the board 13 stream/pond and/or enter on Turn 1 along the east edge." Does this mean that the Japanese who set up on board can only literally set up in the hexrows that have a stream. In other words, they cannot set up in hexrows A-E.
  5. Sand Bar Bill

    To win or not to win...

    From, featuring Nietzsche, Epictetus (Greek stoic philosopher) and Buddha:
  6. Sand Bar Bill

    Ex Machina

    I hardly ever go to movies, but if movies were as good as this, i would go more often. FYI -the movie is 95% talk/5% action but still manages to have a really creepy feel.
  7. Sand Bar Bill

    Hitler criticizes the teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    The teaser... Criticism from the bunker:
  8. Sand Bar Bill

    Baseball's decline and fall... because of a video-ized strike zone?

    A fascinating article on the effect of cameras that are now permanently instituted (called "Pitch f/x") and measure the correctness of umpires calling balls and strikes. In short, because of the cameras, the strike zone has expanded, batting averages have delicned and attendance has declined...
  9. Sand Bar Bill

    Indie films

    Maybe I was in the mood for it, but I enjoyed a sci-fi indie last night, The Thaw. The Thaw is a Candian indie (but I repeat myself) with what I have to admit is a cliche story line... Scientists discover a wolly mammoth and end up being infected. It has one "star" in it, Val Kilmer...
  10. Sand Bar Bill

    SomaFM radio -commercial free streaming synthesizer music

    I have an IPod application named Tunein Radio, which streams both reguluar radio broadcasts and interent broadcasts. I discovered SomaFM. It is free and streams about a dozen sub-channels. Three or four of them are primarily synthesizer music including the sub-channels of: Groove Zone...