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    Did I get lucky?

    You might be right about the AI. The British ships did come within 9000 meters of my battle line, which is when I basically watched all of the Queens go KA-BOOM at once. I still think that we might need an option to tone down the AC though. Like you, I don't want to turn it off because: 1...
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    Did I get lucky?

    I wondering if the AC hit feature is a little too in favor of the Germans. Playing the campaign, with this feature turned on (and the AP shell turned off) I just powned the British GF with the loss of a single Konig class dreadnought. At one point the British had 5, and I'm not exaggerating at...
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    CCP strikes again

    Apparently, for the last 4 years, there has been a bug with Gallente large towers--the building blocs of player owned stations. This bug has allowed some large alliances to create complex reactions--something needed to produce tech 2 components and ship--out of nothing. That's right. Out of...