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    The Western Gate: The Polish Campaign, Story 6

    I was being punished. That was the best explanation that I was being forced to continue my service to II Battalion of the Leibstandarte Rifle Regiment. The maneuver that I orchestrated, to surround and capture the bulk of the defending force on the east end of the city, substantially put an...
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    Bump in the Night: Polish Campaign, Story 5

    Story 05 of the Polish Campaign Bump in the Night Played as German As I approached the town of Pruszkow, I was more than a little nervous about my nation's involvement in this war. I had included a full account of Colonel Fiedler's actions at Sobota in my report, as the Colonel requested...
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    Action Along the Bzura

    Story 04 of The Polish Campaign Action Along the Bzura September 09, 1939 Played as German Note: After 3 decisive victories, I have started the practice of moving the "advantage" notch in favor of the allies with each victory, and in favor of the axis with each defeat. A minor victory...
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    The Road to Pabianice

    Story 03 of The Polish Campaign: I disliked General Deitrich immediately. He was one of those people who treated Hitler as if he was God's appointed commander of the German people. The proof of his greatness and of the fact that God was on his side was the success Hitler had in restoring...
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    The Battle of Mokra

    Story 02 of The Polish Campaign SETUP 2 September, 1939 Played as: German ***************************************** SETUP "You're ride is here," Kriel said, pointing ahead of us on the road he was aiming to land on. A motorcycle rider with a side car was racing us down the strip...
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    First Blood: Part 1

    First Blood Story 01 of The Polish Campaign For Christmas, a friend of mine gave me some disks that had been sitting around his house for a while, unused. It was the Campaign Series from Talonsoft (may it rest in peace). After spending a couple of weeks fiddling with it, I decided to sort...