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    Stone´s War

    March 1942. Captain Martin Stone (Andrew Tiernan - 300, The Pianist) leads an American unit on a mission to destroy an enemy bunker; joining forces with an elite platoon of Finnish soldiers; Cpt. Niemi (Jouko Ahola - Kingdom of Heaven) and Ltnt. Laasko (Mikko Leppilampi). The troops are torn...
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    Music: what are you Listening to now?

    Re: The Obligatory What Are You Listening To thread Bruce Haack : "Electric Lucifer" -71
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    500 Greatest Rock Songs

    Hehe, what´s that bad with The Who? I don´t like it much either, but they sure did play LOUD. There are a lot more ´heavy´ elements in their music than in 99% of the other bands on the list. This is more about rock classics. Black Sabbath shouldn´t even be on this list but of course they had to...
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    Wirbelwind/Ostwind Combo

    They are, but you got lucky too. Wirbelwind is also deadly against infantry. I like to keep my SPAA in the same hex with a tank. When a plane targets a vehicle in that hex, it tries to destroy the AA before tank AND the AA gets more shots.
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    Soviet/Russian military movies

    Any movies from the finnish front? The Unknown Soldier(1955) was banned in Russia until couple of years ago.
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    I´ve been thinking... Has anyone noticed, how easy it is to change "on-board" artillery missions? If you have used the mortar etc. before in a battle, you can get 0.1 timing in a same turn. No 2 hex radius shifting is needed. You only need to call the mission with the unit itself. Just click...
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    Best & Worst Second World War Movies ever made?

    Best: The Unknown Soldier Stalingrad The Winter War Apocalypse Now Band of Brothers Worst: Anything on the WWII Stories -box by Brentwood home video :kotz:
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    best ever Finnish war movie now available to acg folks!!!

    Yeah, the first day of drinking. After a week there´s nothing. No joy no sorrow, just black darkness.
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    best ever Finnish war movie now available to acg folks!!!

    Tuntematon sotilas beats Rukajarventie not by points it´s a KO in furst round. Even tho made in 1955, it´s very professional. The language in TS is impossible to translate, and I think a lot of it´s glamour is lost with it if you don´t speak finnish. It´s hard to explain. It´s legendary it has...
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    reinforcements in spwaw

    Yes thats the sentence I didn´t understand somehow but it´s clear now. Thanks guys. So calling them means you better use them effectively. Though it´s often too late to call them when things are bad already. And if called before things go bad you better annihilate your enemy totally.
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    reinforcements in spwaw

    Doesn´t anyone really have no idea about this? I know it is usually agreed upon beforehand whether they are called or not, but please, anyone can reply. I´d really like to know.
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    reinforcements in spwaw

    I´m not sure how the victorypoints are calculated. How much points does my opponent get if I call in reinforcements and he doesn´t? What if I don´t use the whole reinforcement-pool but only 25% or 50% ?
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    OOB resources

    What if that target unit spots your unit before the sixth hex and starts shooting? Will it shoot over 6 hexes?
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    Worst War Movie Ending

    Funny. I think that´s when the movie really starts.
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    ROUND 4 - SPWAW Tournament is the tournament going? How about the next one? I am most anxious, and so is my new avatar.
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    the best FPS

    Has anyone played tank simulations? Is there any good ones? Something was recently published but I can´t remember the name.
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    exploding bicycles and the third eye

    I have 8.1, I didn´t know 8.2 was out.
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    exploding bicycles and the third eye

    Two things in SPWAW makes me :hmmm: Finnish Jaeger infantry. When they are hit, they almost always take casualties normally; but sometimes they are hit like tanks are. I hear the "klink", "klonk" or explosion, and the unit is wiped out. Huh? Do their bicycles explode, or are they just so...
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    Anybody Tried Call of Duty?

    Perfect probably. With all the sweets on.
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    What is your favourite sport?

    Football world cup is the only sport I´m least bit interested. It´s once in 4 years, so there´s a certain dignity in it. Finland is never going to get there, but so what.