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    CMBO- "3MIF" Round 2

    Yeah, the outcome of the armor knife-fight in the last turn certainly sealed your victory. You had the advantage through-out though, and I only managed to briefly and remotely threaten it when I surprised your half-tracks.
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    Steel Beasts Pro

    Ssnake (Nils Hinrichsen) spent several hours on Team Speak last Friday answering questions posed by a large group of the Steel Beasts multi-player community. The impression that I got from the Q & A was that better handling of dismounts is something that will, at some point, make it into the...
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    BO Tournament Signups UPDATE JUNE 11th!

    Please count me in as well.
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    Steel Beasts 2

    I'm not trying to be cryptic. But if you go to this link you can select pages for the different features that will be implemented in SB Pro. SB2 and SB Pro PE, the consumer versions, will use the same engine so the screen shots...
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    Steel Beasts 2

    The link isn't stale. The website just went up. In the "News" section on the front page they only have one item listed. That apparently is notice of the last formal contract the company entered for development back in January 2003. If you click the hyperlinks on the left side of the page...
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    Steel Beasts 2

    That's the most recent link. I posted on or about the day the new website opened. Being an SB fanboy, I thought that the real news was the site itself. The new website is the first announcement about how the development of their military product relates to the development of their consumer...
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    Steel Beasts 2

    If anyone is interested, eSimgames, the producers of Steel Beasts, have given their website a makeover, releasing a bunch of information about the version of their game that they are producing for various military customers.
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    Purchasing Printed Copies of FM's

    Although this site isn't dealing in hard copies, its digital library appears to be rather extensive:
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    Should fratricide and accidents be simulated in wargames?

    I think that if you're going to model fratricide in a wargame, you should give the player some way to reduce or overcome it. If you can't control it as a player, why pay attention to it? But the complexity of appropriately rewarding the pro-active gamer with reduced fratricide would seem to be...
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    How is Assault Squad?

    Matrix just released a demo for EYSA
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    How is Assault Squad?

    I'm assuming that you're asking about Eric Young's Squad Assault, the remake of GI Combat. I prefer CM. It is similar to CM only in that it is a 3-D WWII game. LOS is difficult to determine. Initial placement of units is imprecise. These two things make (for me at least) AT guns almost...
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    CMBO scenario, a good one?

    Have you tried going over to the Scenario Depot and using the search function to look up the ratings of the scenarios that look interesting to you? It seems that my preferences for games against the AI tend toward those scenarios that reinforce all my bad habits, otherwise I'd recommend...
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    ATF is awsome... more scenarios out there?

    Cap'n, This is a post by the SB tech director, Ssnake, from the forum. (He's pretty tight-lipped and generally refuses to comment or speculate about new features or release dates.): * We'll offer TCability for the M113 and Hummvee including cal .50. * There'll be visible and...
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    ATF is awsome... more scenarios out there?

    BCT and ATF are both excellent games/simulators. But if you are interested in armored combat simulation, you should also take a look at Steel Beasts. ATF has an incredible depth of detail, especially at the brigade level, and Steel Beasts is similarly detailed in its own way at battalion to...
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    anyone interested in a pure armor PBEM?

    If so, I'd sure appreciate a game.
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    Favorite scene in a movie.

    Barfly with Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway: Henry sits down at the bar next to Wanda, she tells him that she hates people and asks whether he does as well. His response after thinking about it for a couple seconds: "No, but I seem to feel better when there are none around." My favorite...
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    CMBB PBEM Challange!! First 5 players!! Then??

    '45 QB map, I'll defend a town with germans against your soviet assault.
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    Rookie Tournament - how is everybody doing ?

    It don't get closer than this NiG and I played our battle yesterday TCP/IP, it went a little over six hours by my reckoning. Result? Draw -- 50%/50%. I was relieved though when NiG pointed out that he had me on points, 2244/2218. I did not want to fight him over those factories a second...