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    CMBO anyone?

    My opponent went on an extended RL leave so I'm down to no szo games. Anyone for a big cmbo battle?
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    CMBO battle wanted

    My current opponents have a very slow turn around rate, so I have time for another game. I'm looking for a ME, prefer a huge battle - 5K or up but may go lower - and would like to import a pre-generated map that we would agree on. Anyone out there still play BO?
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    Large cmbo ME wanted

    More like a huge ME - 5 to 10K preferably, though I may go as low as 3k. I'd like to import a custom map that we can agree on, and the rest of the rules we can discuss later.
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    Large cmbo ME wanted.

    I'm looking for a 5k game, or even up to 10k. We'll import a map that both sides can agree on.
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    Looking for huge BO ME

    I'm looking for 1 BO game - 5,000 to 10,000 points, meeting engagement, perfer Scipio's medium armor. We'll use a custom map that we can agree on and either have a third person set up our picks or do it ourselves on the honor system.