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    experiments with d100

    Has anybody tried using a d100 for arty aquisition instead of black/red chits or cards. Seems like it would be easy to work out the changing % and roll a d100. Sometimes the chance element isnt there when you ''recognize'' that dog eared card or the scratched chit.
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    What's your favorite WWII tank?

    My fav. The Jagdpanther - probably the best tank destroyer of WW2. Fast, well armed with the 8.8cm L/71 and well armoured (80mm max). Really if you look at it from the side it just looks 'nice'. I think they were still in use by France/switzerland until the late 50s. Yes - not strictly a...
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    Whats that AT gun?

    Now thats what I call an answer...!
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    Whats that AT gun?

    Whats the AT gun you see the germans using in BoB when the Airborne ta Carentan. Looks like they load a rocket or something down the barrel. Is the item an ASL counter? Sorry if its to simple a question but German AT guns are not my speciality.
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    ASL Annuals

    Managed to get a few of these from various sources 89,90, 91,92,93A&b. How many others are there - are they 'rare' and worth getting.
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    Little black $$ counters

    wooohooo Got ABTF - with all the tasty black ss counters (not sure why some are blue and others are black - dosn't matter. Its a shame the ss leaders/heroes didn't get named. Also picked up a copy of J2 with the eratta - a suprise find at my local hobby store since its now oop "Today is a...
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    Should Out-of-Print Scenarios be freely available?

    perhaps this topic needs its own sub forum
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    Little black $$ counters

    Heh - I really didn't know that. I'll popout and buy ABTF now. I've never been to interested in the campaign games - so i never read up on it. What is it about those black ss counters...
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    Little black $$ counters

    Just seen the ebay auction for the old HOB SS kits finish $188.50us and $98 us fot the 1st and second sets resp. :o I can't imagine why HOB don't reprint these kits, theres obviously a demand.
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    Madagascar scenarios?

    Theatre: Indian Ocean Area: The island of Madagascar, off the south east coast of Africa Dates: 5 to 7 May 1942 Outcome: Allied forces gained control of the island, which had been in the hands of the French Vichy government. Note: Operation Ironclad was the first large amphibious assault made by...
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    Should Out-of-Print Scenarios be freely available?

    All this being said The amount of free stuff (that shouldn't be) in circulation via mediums like 'kazaa' it is surprising that no pdf's of asl scenarios have turned up in the shared files of someones computer. I suppose its only a matter of time, but when it happens someone will have lost the...
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    Should Out-of-Print Scenarios be freely available?

    You can still buy the book and dvd of casablanca - not the ancient asl scenarios. :D Seriously - J5 should have included the scenarios under discussion HS17 and A68. It wouldn't have cost much to do. At least put them on the web site. I can't see a good reason NOT to do it.
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    Should Out-of-Print Scenarios be freely available?

    I find the most annoying thing is when you buy a new journal (eg journal 5) and find lengthy discussions about 'great scenarios' that are out of print - they could at least include the scenarios in the journal for the $$$$ you pay.
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    Situation: enemy squad is adjacent and in the open and makes a successful smoke attempt in its own hex. This costs 1 MP Question. Does this count a movement in the open for defensive fire purposes, does the smoke modifier apply or is it not considered movement and thus the unit cant be shot at...
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    Do MMP usually reply

    Well I just got my replacements in the mail. So i guess the answer is... MMP don't reply to your emails but they will act on them - so include your address for them to post stuff out, and all should be well.
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    VASL dice bot...

    I'll go for 1 & 3 dice bot, 2,4 & 5 real Shipping a dice tower to oz will probably cost a fortune so I'll pass on that, but if I win - thanks anyway :lol:
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    Do MMP usually reply

    Ok, I'll try resending it. I always make a point of answering all my business emails the same day I get them - Its just good business. I guess they get lost in the interether every now and again. :)
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    Do MMP usually reply

    About a week ago I sent an email to MMP 'problems' to request a replacement sheet of counters due to them being misprinted. I asked if they could help with this but haven't heard back. I just wanted to ask some of you old time posters if its usual for MMP to just fix the problem and send...
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    Deluxe ASL

    I have access to boards a-d and can still buy HH. However, no one I know has DASL. Are the scenarios 'fun' and do the big hexes make for a good game or is the playing area insufficient? Will there be support for new scenarios for these maps?
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    Rulebook going to the printer

    will board 52 be mounted?