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    Panzerfaust use

    A leader uses street fighting to CCRF an AFV that moves next to him in the movement phase. The attack is ineffective and the leader is returned to the building hex and marked with a first fire counter. The AFV stops adjacent to the leader. In the Defensive Fire Phase, can the leader try for a...
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    Double One 2018 results and 2019 dates

    Double One is over for another year, with the following individuals triumphing:- Friday minis:- Burning Sky - Mick Essex. East Side Heavy Metal 1 - Gerard Burton East Side Heavy Metal 2 - Pedro Santos Kicking the Italian boot - Gary Norman. Rumble in the jungle 1 - Will Binns Rumble in the...
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    Double One 2018 - UK ASL Tournament June 21 to June 2014

    The scenario listing for this year's tournament, together with more information on the event, is now available at:- Derek
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    Double One 2017 - results

    Double One 2017 finished earlier today, with over 30 attendees and a good mixture of tournament and non tournament played. The winners were:- Friday minis:- Hell of Stalingrad - Richard Dagnall China in your hands 1 - Sam Simon Prior... China in your hands 2 - Nigella Blair The Yanks decide to...
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    Double One 2017 UK ASL Tournament - June 22 to 25

    Just under 2 weeks until the Double One ASL tournament. The tournament takes place in the lovely surroundings of Writtle Agricultural College, just 30 miles to the East of London. Full details at
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    Armoured Assault and Berserk Units

    A Good Order squad declares armoured assault and after spending 2 MP with its friendly AFV, goes berserk. It charges the nearest unit etc - can the AFV continue moving?