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  1. aloha_brian

    Can a VCA change be combined with Extra MP Expenditure?

    You can also just remain in motion without expending all of your MP if you don't have enough MP to enter the next location/hexside you want to enter. D2.4 second sentence "A vehicle may end its MPh in Motion without expending all of its MP only if it has insufficient MP remaining to enter the...
  2. aloha_brian

    SMOKE, 2nd Level and LOS

    A24.4. Smoke is a two level hindrance. So, I agree it goes to the bottom of level 2 (from the bottom of level 0, through level 0, and through level1). So the guys on second level are not hindered shooting at each other.
  3. aloha_brian

    What boardgames have you played recently?

    I've started playing them about a year ago. So far I've played a few Face-to-Face Last Chance for Victory, one solo (with occasional help on decisions/orders) LCfV CG in progress, and a TTW PBEM. I really like the system. But, it is a completely different gaming experience than competitive...
  4. aloha_brian

    Overlay Pack suggestion (Dear MMP)

    I agree with Michael so much I also use overlays (clear, and orchard/vineyard) under the plexiglass, instead of the PFZ counters.
  5. aloha_brian

    MMP Updates 2020

    I replaced the 40W tubes on my Deluxe with 15W tubes and it's still loud.
  6. aloha_brian

    FrF78 VC question

    I believe the VC mean for the German to control either of the hexes. The 'and/or' text are to avoid the question of whether the Germans win if they take both of the hexes; because there are some people who need that clarification. Brian
  7. aloha_brian

    Rulebook soon available ?

    What are you Bob? A glass half full kind of guy? In case you haven't noticed; these gamesquad forums aren't for glass half full kind of comments.
  8. aloha_brian

    Abandoned vehicles and movement

    I would say that the halftracks are not "Units", therefore they are not "Enemy Units". Abandoned halftracks have not capable of movement. Unit: Any game piece or Counter with its own MF/MP allotment and normally capable of movement without being portaged, pushed, or towed. Infantry, Cavalry...
  9. aloha_brian

    DASL WA question

    I believe the F1 guys can have both the F1/F2 and the F1/G2 walls. I believe a unit can take all available walls when they take wall advantage. Ok, what Vinnie just said.
  10. aloha_brian

    Routing unit in open ground. Ignored hexes?

    MM21 is the same distance as MM20. Three hexes. Just looks closer.
  11. aloha_brian

    Hero gets his gun(s)?

    PRC are immune to HoB. No hero generated.
  12. aloha_brian


    Michael, on the MMP website the errata is on the page for AP14 and not on the 'normal' errata page.
  13. aloha_brian

    Supporting Fire 2019

    Drinking HOT coffee at London-Gatwick waiting on my plane to Sweden.
  14. aloha_brian

    SW possession activities during Rally Phase

    Drop possession of SW in MPh (ASOP 3.22). You could transfer in RPh, then the squad can drop the other SW during it's MPh.
  15. aloha_brian

    SW possession activities during Rally Phase

    All illegal; first statement in ASOP Rally Phase "Only one action (attempt) allowed per unit per RPh,"
  16. aloha_brian

    NKVD Strongpoint Question VotG

    I've asked Tom for to weigh in on the question. Per Tom moving from F37 to G38 across the open ground hexside is a legal move for a NKVD strongpoint. I put the response in the VoTG folder. Brian
  17. aloha_brian

    Valor of the Guards Q&A

    Question: NKVD Strongpoint: Can an MMC move to/from F35/G36 across an open ground hexside to the same building which is an NKVD strongpoint; or does CG11.1 c ("No Russian Personnel unit may voluntarily exit a NKVD Fanatic Strongpoint during the current CG scenario.") prevent them from crossing...
  18. aloha_brian

    Supporting Fire 2019

    Registration confirmed, flight booked :)
  19. aloha_brian

    West Michigan, Grand Rapids area - weekend June 21 - 23 - Face-to-Face

    I'll be in West Michigan visiting family and am looking to get one (or more) face-to-face games in while I'm there. I could play any or all of the dates listed in the title. I tried using the ASL Players map. But, only Mark DeVries is shown, but his email replies with an error message. But...
  20. aloha_brian

    APCR (ASL Player Comparative Ratings)

    Aaron, and everyone else providing input and helping, all I can say is WOW!!!