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    Old member returning...

    Hey, looks like a few oldtimers coming back :)
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    New gamer from Canada

    Hey who you calling "old" :p Don't we have a 6 year old game of EA still waiting ? :laugh:
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    New gamer from Canada

    I guess I really should "re-introduce" myself. :) I'm an old hand at TOAW-COW (some of you may even remember me lol)but just recently took the plunge and bought TOAW III so I'm up for more fighting now after a long hiatus.
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    Bagration (Veers-Soviet vs Silvanski-Axis)

    The enemy attacking each other ?? :)
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    Battle of the Scheldt

    Not really back yet; but I do have access to the forums. :D I expect a return by summer :smoke:
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    Battle of the Scheldt

    How about US 104th Inf Div. ?
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    Getting A Copy

    The most recent version of EA can be found in our very own file archives (at the top right of the page). As for pointers on gameplay, your best bet would be to get right into PBEM play with a vet and ask questions. Most of us are only too happy to pass on little vignettes of knowledge. :D...
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    Virgin gamer seeks partner for first time, must be commited & long term

    Welcome back to the dark side Jeremy. :devious:
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    No CD

    Look under "TOAW Resources" on the r/h side of the screen.
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    The fine line of Honor Rules

    I only use undo when I pushed the wrong button. i.e. Move the whole stack instead of just 1 unit.
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    WarfareHQ vs ACG tournament ?

    TOAW: ACOW and I can play either side. :D
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    TOAW Wishlist: What would you like to see changed or enhanced...

    It would certainly have the potential to make the game more dynamic.
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    Taken Down A Notch

    How right you are. There is a great group of people from both sites here and I for one look forward to some of the verbal jousting, as it were. :horse: :D Welcome aboard. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself here; I know I do.
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    What is your biggest (gaming) weakness ?

    Mine has already been mentioned. I'll pore over the turn with a fine tooth comb and try to figure where to move my units for hours on end, and that's for an Arracourt size scenario :nuts: For something like DNO, it can go on for days. :D
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    Opponenet Reliability Rating?

    This is a good idea. I've had it happen too many times that an opponent bails on me. Sometimes for good reasons, sometimes not so good reasons. I normally don't even report those games though, so I may be off-base here.
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    Operation Round-up, Overlord 1943.

    I'll be adding my side's story to Bdr.Mallette,s AAR after the game is over. Wouldn't want to give anything away for my other opponent. :D Tim: You've done a great job with this scenario. If you like I can send you all the .sav files after the game.
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    Multiple combat rounds.

    Yep. 28 combat rounds. However these were done with a positive shock effect and liberal use supply drain attacks(both players agreed to them). If you run a search, you should be able to find the thread that talks about this.
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    Warfare HQ and Armchair General to join forces with new forum!

    Gotta admit. You guys did a great job. :clap: After those 24 hours offline, the DT's are now starting to subside. :D
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    toaw is no1 on pc, agreed?

    I'm with Kraut :D
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    Not sure where I found it but if you want to PM me your e-mail address, I can send it to you.