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  1. tunixx

    Street fighting against an AFV on a wire

    Assume the following: An AFV spends MP in a road with wire. Adjacent enemy infantry is using street fighting to attack the AFV. Provided the infantry passes their PAATC - will the infantry have to stay in the wire hex or can they return to the building they came from?
  2. tunixx

    Photos from Hürtgenwald (Part 4 -Vossenack)

    The church in Vossenack from hex Q49 View from O48 View from N50 View from Q52. This is a good example for the plateau effect. In the scenario "sappers as infantry" I was able to move units in hexrow V outside the LOS of units in the village. More plateau effect. When you move from Q55...
  3. tunixx

    Photos from Hürtgenwald (Part 3 - Kommerscheidt)

    View from W10 towards X14. Standing in bypass Z9/AA9. The woods / stream hexes in DD12. Nowadays there is a small bridge crossing the stream. From CC12 the buildings in BB9 / C9 are just barely visible. All buildings in Kommerscheidt had to be rebuild after the war. Not a single building...
  4. tunixx

    Photos from Hürtgenwald (Part 2 - Kommerscheidt)

    We had problems finding the roads on the Schmidt map in Kommerscheidt. Today the road layout is not the same as shown on the map. the pond in O19 as seen from O20 was a good point of reference. View of Kommerscheidt from approx. hex X17. The road on the right does not exist on the Bounding...
  5. tunixx

    Photos from Hürtgenwald (Part 1 - Schmidt)

    Here are some photos from Schmidt with the fitting piece of the map from Bounding Fires Objective Schmidt module: standing in LL33 and viewing down the road to MM33. Schmidt church in the distance, view from LL33. The road from Schmidt to Vossenack as seen from hex LL33. view from hex...
  6. tunixx

    Which LLMC after KIA of a wounded 9-1 ?

    What kind of LLMC will a wounded 9-1 that is killed trigger ? Will it be a 1LLMC (for being the 9-1 it used to be) or a LLMC for the stacked squads ? The wound occured before the actual attack.
  7. tunixx

    Photos of Budapest (part 3, cogwheel railway)

    This march I went to Budapest to compare the battlefield to the FB maps. Here are photos from my trip. Almost everyone starting to play FB will probably know this area as the first two scenarios ("Uncles and Pups" and "The devil's free to have a try.") use this part of the mapboard. No tour of...
  8. tunixx

    Photos from Budapest (part 2)

    This march I went to Budapest to compare the battlefield to the FB maps. Here are some photos from my trip. The next batch of pictures are taken around the Southern railway station. The old station itsself has been replaced by a modern construction. Also some of the stone buildings in TT16 have...
  9. tunixx

    Photos from Budapest (part 1)

    This march I went to Budapest to compare the battlefield to the FB maps. Here are some photos from my trip. First I went to Királyhágó tér . This is where scenario FB12 (The black ravens are flying) takes place. The photo was taken in AAA28 and shows what a wide city boulevard looks like...
  10. tunixx

    SASL - cautious advance

    Just before christmas I had 1 week off from work and I got my hands on a copy of SASL - a perfect combination. After trying to understand the rules I prepared myself to play the first mission - cautious advance. I decided to replay Barbarossa, so the time is July 1941. My company is part of...
  11. tunixx

    Is a UK unit considered armed for routing purposes ?

    Can the Russian broken HS in CC8 rout to DD7 or will the UK Finnish tank prevent the rout ? Edit: The UK tank is in DD6 and the broken HS has LOS to the tank. The RR in BB8 is elevated.
  12. tunixx

    Entering crest status in APh

    Can the Geman squad in U4 enter Crest Status in T4 (as shown) during the APh ? Confusion arose as in the first sentence of B20.91 advance and movement are mentioned, while later the rules say enter: "Good Order Infantry outside a Depression may claim Crest status in the Depression hex it...
  13. tunixx

    WO12 Hear of Wilderness turn 4 reinforcements

    Another question on inclusive or exclusive or: The scenario card says: "Enter on Turn 4 along the east, south, OR west edge." So can you split them up on the 3 edges or is this to say they must enter on 1 edge ?
  14. tunixx

    Reaction fire and street fighting first fire (D7. 21)

    A leader and 2 squads street fight a vehicle in its MPh. The first MMC attack destroys the tank. Both MMC move from a building into a street. Is the second MMC that has not attacked marked with first fire ? In D7.21 is mentioned "after completing the attack" they are marked with First Fire. The...
  15. tunixx

    FT 200 Coconut Grove 8+1 Japanese leader

    Is the 8+1 leader in the Japanese OOB supposed to be wounded or is there some 3rd party counter I am not aware of ?
  16. tunixx

    Anyone heard of Norm Koger ?

    He gave us some of the greatest computer wargames like Age of Rifles and TOAW. After Jutland it looks like he hasn't published any games or has he ?
  17. tunixx

    Deployment of squads at setup

    A2.9: Up to 10% (FRU) of the squads that set up on-board (...) may be freely Deployed (...) 1. You have 10 squads and some SMCs 2. You have 10 squads, 1 crew and a couple of SMCs. For the 2 cases: Are you allowed to deploy 1 or 2 squads ?
  18. tunixx

    PTO: Do you pay MF for entering/exiting Foxholes not in LOS ?

    What applies to daytime PTO scenarios ? As per G.2 FORTIFICATIONS: In daytime scenarios, E1.16 applies to Fortifications and E1.16 (....) "During night scenarios there is no extra cost to enter/exit a pillbox/entrenchment unless it is done in the LOS of a Good Order enemy unit...
  19. tunixx

    What is the effect of fire on a halftrack in melee ?

    Please take a look at the attached picture: The 2-2-8 is overrun by a US halftrack (No effect). The halftrack choses to stay in that hex. The 2-2-8 gets a chance to kill the halftrack in CC but fails. So the 2-2-8 is held in melee by the halftrack, but the halftrack is NOT held in melee by...
  20. tunixx

    ASL for women ?

    The blog of Michael R. who teaches ASL to his wife made me curious. Is it possible to get more women into ASL ? Maybe if MMP would publish a special edition of the rules: - Russian counters are printed in pink instead of brown. - To successfuly park an AFV on a street the player has to...