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  1. Dr. Brian

    Hakkaa Paalle counter questions

    I'm just organizing my counters, but I can't figure out what these counters are ... or what rule in the ASLRB applies. - A TCA counter with "SUB" on it - TCA counter with a small "1" residual fire power on it. - VCA counter wuth a small "1" RFP on it. - A TKO counter. What are they, and...
  2. Dr. Brian

    Extracting VASL gifs

    I would like to extract some of the VASL gifs in order to print out and use for my counter tray labels. However, there is no folder/library, just the .vmod file. How would I access all these gifs and do a cut/copy/paste? Thanks in advance! Doc
  3. Dr. Brian

    Operation Watchtower

    After all these years ... I've finally decided to organize my OW counters ... and I have found that the Japanese counters are not the same color as the entire Jap OOB. Was this ever rectified in a subsequent publication with errata counters? I'm trying to fill in the missing blanks in my OOB...