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  1. Vinnie

    Konisberg Train Stations and Vehicle entry

    I notice that the entry of Konisberg railway stations talks of: "The movement cost for a Train Station hex is 1 MF for infantry and one-quarter of the AFV's listed MP; if the Train Station hex contains no roof and is littered with debris the movement cost is 2 MF for infantry and one-quarter...
  2. Vinnie

    Recalled AFV with no route off board

    My AFV just X'd out its MA. It is on a one lane bridge with a vehicle behind it so cannot exit the board along a friendly board edge. What does it do? Just sit there? Go into motion?
  3. Vinnie

    Leader and squad in CC

    We ambush a squad and leader with our squad. The leader defends with the squad. May we choose go for the squad alone?
  4. Vinnie

    Wounded Heroes and k/- results

    Q. Is a wounded hero that suffers Casualty Reduction wounded again or eliminated? One that suffers a Casualty MC? A. The hero would be eliminated in either case. Expect to see errata before long. ....Perry MMP
  5. Vinnie

    A Beginner to VASL Tournament

    A VASL meet-up to get people playing. The idea behind this is to help others get onto VASL and learn how to use it. The meet-up will consist of a series of rounds with increasingly complicated scenarios, not in the playing but in the use of VASL itself. Round 1 will be "straight" scenarios, no...
  6. Vinnie

    Bocage and WA

    Playing Panzerpionier against Derek and at the end game I had a sqd and leader in a building with a bondage on one side. I felt I coukd not claim WE as then he'd have hit me with 12 flat and almost certainly broken me. As a result he coukd run his FT toting guys up to adjacent and flame me in...
  7. Vinnie

    M3A1 MG removal

    The M3A1 has 6 FP of MG, one MMG and one 50 Cal. Can either of these be removed by a passenger? Can the 50 Cal be removed by an abandoning crew and if so, does it come out as a 50 Cal or an MMG? I'm sure I've seen somwthing about it somewhere...
  8. Vinnie

    Leader CVP

    A leader who ELRs from a 9-2 to a 8-0 and is then killed, is he worth 1 or 3 CVP? i.e. is it his value at start or at end?
  9. Vinnie

    Primasole Bridge set up.

    set up on or adjacent to at least one Paved Road Hex in a building or fortification with ≤1 MMC per hex {EXC: See SSR I-8}: {SAN:2} Does this mean all units must set up in a building or fortification adjacent to a paved road hex. Or in a building or fortification or adjacent to a paved road...
  10. Vinnie

    VASL board creation-quick n dirty

    I have a PDF of a board to playtest. I've altered it to a gif file and contrained its proportions to 1800 by 645, the same size as the bd01.gif file in the bd01 file as downloaded into VASL. Re-created the bdPS2d file and saved it as uncompressed zip file then removed the .zip Added to the...
  11. Vinnie

    MG Main Armament and Sustained Fire

    Played AP7 Directive No.3 this week and something came up that I do not know the ruling on. A MG that is the main armament may sustained fire. If it is MA it may make a To Kill attempt. May it make a to kill attempt as sustained fire? A standard infantry MG may not do so as it is halved. May...
  12. Vinnie

    Table topper, mark 3

    This is the third attempt to do a table topper for ASL. This one has lights!
  13. Vinnie

    A4.4 errata

    It seems immmissing some errata to A4.4. Can anyone tell me where it can from as I may be missing a whole journals errata.
  14. Vinnie

    VASL colour codes for KPA and KMC?

    Anyone know what the colour codes for teh Korean troops will be? Doing some rulebook work and want it to look right! :)
  15. Vinnie

    FFS, DTF?

    Well it's clear that with the recent additions to our ASL canon, we need to learn the true meanings of the interwebs acronyms. Here are a few explanations. OMG: Only Marshal Graziani LOL: Liberator or Lancaster? ROFL: Reich Only For Lefties WTF: Where're The French? BRB: Brens, Rifles and...
  16. Vinnie

    Highlight all unmoved units

    How possible woukd it be to introduce a buttonnthatbhighlighted all units that were not marked "moved"? Like the broken unit button.
  17. Vinnie

    Hull Down, OBA and ATT

    I really should know this but a hull down vehicle on the edge of a hill. Does this affect OBA requiring a hull hit to have any effect? Similarly, does it affect Area Target Type and if so, does it matter if the firer is a mortar? Rules referneces would be nice but not required.
  18. Vinnie

    Fords in frigid streams

    Yes, the Ford stream hex is frigid. ....Perry MMP
  19. Vinnie

    Fords in Shallow Fridgid Streams.

    All streams are shallow and fridgid. "If a non-dry stream is not frozen, but snow is present, the stream is a frigid Water Obstacle. If Infantry/Cavalry units enter a frigid Water Obstacle without a bridge they are Replaced by the next lower Class unit or Disrupted as per A19.12-.13" There...
  20. Vinnie

    WW2 museum in Gdansk

    Just spent 5.5 hours here with Susan and both gave been blown away by it. You have to visit if you get the chance!