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    HOB BtB and other things

    BtB Order Deleted
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    ALSRB in PDF?

    ROFL Scott, You are such a little man. I told you that I don't give a...about you and whatever you want to do. If you want to make fun of my name, go for it. You obviously don't have much of a life, so if mental masturbation is how you get you go girl. It would seem that the...
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    Little black $$ counters

    Hitler counter Der Fuhrer is included to. Good for taking prisoner and executing with the berserk red ss counters.
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    Should Out-of-Print Scenarios be freely available?

    LOL don't get me started He does it all the time, and does not seem to care. In reply to a prior post of mine, he argues that he is serving the ASL community. He, of couse, is raking in money illegally, but that is a fringe benefit of illegal activities. LOL, maybe he's using all the cash to...
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    Little black $$ counters

    They can and can't They can probably reprint the scenarios, but the demand is for the counters. They cannot produce counters in this format anymore due to the agreement with MMP. They may not even be able to reprint the scenarios, IF they conflict with MMP's future publishing plan.
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    Franc Tireur # 8 at the printers

    Excellent publication I certainly agree that FT is a wonderful publication. Their issues are themed, Spanish Civil War, Barbarossa, looks like FT8 will be Normandy. I speak/read French fluently, so have been able to realize the full potential of the publication. I would further say, even to...
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    Hi I've been very interested in this one, but hadn't heard much feedback. Is it adaptable to electronic play (email, internet)?
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    Degenerating post of Dday special - I've moved on

    I heartily agree with Ktodd I too am leaving this thread. JWise, you've thoroughly lost the intent of the thread by your posts. I shall not comment here further or return to this thread.
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    Degenerating post of Dday special - I've moved on

    The Cold War Continues in some people's minds obviously Yawn, the JWise show continues, so I have deleted this post.
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    Degenerating post of Dday special - I've moved on

    Not to belabor a point Post deleted out of boredom to your response.
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    Degenerating post of Dday special - I've moved on

    Did anyone see the disgracefully produced special (ran yesterday) on the Discovery channel. In addition to poor acting, the show would lead the historical novice to believe that the War in Europe was won because of the D-Day offensive. BEWARE: If you read further, you will be bombarded by...
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    Proof that the Finns were just regular blokes

    Leningrad Pack from Fanatic Enterprises In response to an earlier question in this thread. I haven't seen it, but from their site: A Cold Day in Hell, December 1941: The Finns and the Russians go at it in this small infantry only action. The action takes place in winter conditions on boards 8...
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    HOB BtB and other things

    Thank you Steve Once again a nice effort. An A+ for your efforts and customer service. :) Edit was for a type :)
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    Should Out-of-Print Scenarios be freely available?

    WCW items They are a collection of articles, and if I'm correct reviews. No scenarios.
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    Should Out-of-Print Scenarios be freely available?

    WCW items I was unaware of that. Where do you send payment for these?
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    Reformated items on ebay

    Is it a copywrite violation to reformat others published work and offer as part of a sale (as a bonus item) or for sale? Obviously if the publisher has given permission, its a non-issue. Another thought I have, items converted into MMP/AH format also violate MMP's rulings on what can be sold...
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    WCW 1-10 Scenario Pack

    A semi-related question What happened to the club, I've sent notes in their direction, but never get a response. I see references to them on the web, but ASL figures nowhere in their game lineup.
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    The old AOO topic by Loquitor When will AOO be available

    A simple answer, but with questions attached Does the gamers inventory sell better than ASL? Is it cheaper to print?
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    Should Out-of-Print Scenarios be freely available?

    VFTT The counters are an unmounted sheet. I just note that the same person keeps selling it over and over again.
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    American Paratroopers

    My only comment on this Its a game, games are only as realistic as the rules allow. The counter strengths have been set for many of the nationalities for years. Flame me here, BUT what are we going to do if we change them? Should we revise 20 years worth of scenarios when the counter...