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  1. Attenzionen

    VASL pbem wanted

    Hi all, recently I received the core module Croix de Guerre and would like to give the scenarios a go. I can send a log every day or every other day at most times. Anyone interested send me a PM. Elmo
  2. Attenzionen

    Orezekya Breakout SASL

    The last few weeks I have been enjoying the Ozerekya Breakout campaign as a HSASL game. Its fun and very immersive ideed. I can only recommend this experience. Right now I am preparing TM4 the February 5 1943 afternoon scenario. The Soviets have secured a line roughly from the house in the...
  3. Attenzionen

    Murphy's frustrated attack

    This scenario I have writen from the American perspective. Their attack on the hills was utterly frustrated by the elite German defenders of the Luftwaffe Panzer Division Hermann Göring. How this occurred? You are invited to read the blog at...
  4. Attenzionen

    Another rainy day in the Hurtgen Forest

    Living at Aachen I have ready access to some of the most famous battle grounds of WW2. One is the Hürtgen Forest only 45 minutes from here by car. Thus BFP's publication OBJECTIVE: SCHMIDT is a must for the ASL gamer in me. Here I will start off with a solo-play of the first scenario, a small...
  5. Attenzionen


    At first when the news came out there would be a Korean War core module published I was not overly enthusiastic. To my mind ASL was linked closely, even exclusively, to WW2. Now with the experience from the first games of Forgotten War Korea I have completely changed my attitude towards the new...
  6. Attenzionen

    AAR HARD ROK [203]

    Hi! I played my first game from the new Forgotten War Korea: 1950 - 1953 module. You are wellcome to read my write-up of this solo-game on my wargames blog. Enjoy! Elmo
  7. Attenzionen

    Korean War VASL PBEM opponent wanted

    Hi folks, is anyone intersted to try Korea War? ASL 206 HEY, THAT AINT ROK, ASL 207 BULLETS FOR BREAKFAST, and ALS 208 THE GIST MILL should be playable with VASL. I am open to more conventional scenarios too, off course. Most weeks I can do 4 to 5 logfiles. If interested, send me a PM. Regards...
  8. Attenzionen

    Opponent wanted for PBEM

    Hi everyone! I find myself preparing for my first ever ASL tournament participation at Grenadier 2016. Thus I am looking forward to playing quite a few cool ASL scenarios. Alas, they need a lot of preparation and more important I need more practice. Therefore I am looking for anybody...
  9. Attenzionen

    Looking for ASL / ASLSK FtF opponent in Aachen, Germany

    Hi everybody! I'm looking for a face-to-face ASL/ASLSK opponent in Aachen, Germany. Hallo ASLer im Westen! Ich möchte gerne mit der ASL Szene hier Kontakt aufnehmen. Am schönsten fände ich direkte Treffen zum gemeinsamen Spiel. Leider habe ich Grenadier 2015 verpasst. Das soll nicht...