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    Colourised Photos

    Someone on the Matrix Games forums pointed out colourised photos from a Japanese blog of various IJN warships here: Some RJW ships are included, for example Hashidate:
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    Night Fishing off Port Arthur

    Next Japanese campaign I try, I'm going to put lone torpedo boats on picket duty outside Port Arthur. If spotted in daytime they could well escape. If spotted at night then they could get to use torpedos. Either way they are expendable, plentiful and will report the Russian's movements.
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    Now that was close.....

    Askold weapon arcs I used Askold (12*152mm on sides) to attack Sai Yen (2*210mm on bow and 1*150mm on stern). First I closed as fast as possible on Sai Yen's stern. Sai Yen scored 2 210mm hits as Askold approached, then Askold damaged Sai Yen's stern 150mm. After getting into position...
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    Second Pacific Encounter

    Battle of the heavyweights finale This final Russian warships closed the range: But the Japanese battleships demostrated how torpedo attacks are supposed to work, while the Russian guns could not hurt the Japanese battleships enough: This was followed by some nice accurate gunfire from...
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    Second Pacific Encounter

    Battle of the heavyweights pt3 Two of the Russian battleships appeared to be fleeing: They were then engaged by the Japanese cruisers, who began to wish the Russians had been more determined to escape. Two more Russian battleships would join the fight, and of the four Japanese armoured...
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    Second Pacific Encounter

    Battle of the heavyweights pt2 At first the torpedo attack looked good, but the torpedos mostly missed: Soon the Russian battleships had to be put on the back burner, because more trouble was coming up to support: Not everyone was so eager to fight however, as the Russian smaller...
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    Second Pacific Encounter

    Battle of the heavyweights pt1 After losing 44 ships in exchange for two destroyers, the Japanese battlefleet stepped in to crush the puny Russian reinforcement fleet. Unfortunately the battle didn't work out quite that simple. At first things looked good. The Russians decided to dance...
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    Second Pacific Encounter

    I've just had a close call fighting as the Japanese against the Second Pacific Squadron. Round 1 Five Japanese cruisers find the Russian fleet in the middle of the night, about 175km west of Tsushima. I didn't get any images, so I'll describe: The Russians are in three columns - battlefleet in...