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    ASL 8 - The Fugitives: Taking an antique out for a drive

    Ah, a classic. I played ASL 8, “The Fugitives”, against Peter Struijf on Friday. A great game, played almost to the bitter end, but I won as the Russians. Peter had never played this before. I had, and what I learned from my first playing (also as the Russians) put me in good stead, because the...
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    U48 - The Rag Tag Circus

    I posted this to another thread last night, but decided to post it here as well at the request of my opponent. I got in a ftf game of this last weekend vs. Steve Webber in Halifax. Steve is fairly new to full-on ASL, but he played this exactly right as the Germans and won quite handily. I'm...
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    Comrades, take the Voentorg! - VotG15 SSR

    George Bates and I played VotG15 “Perfected in Battle” by Skype over the past few weekends. There's only one AAR on this one that I could find, so I thought it would be worthwhile to post this. Given the ROAR record, we gave the Germans the balance, an extra 6 factors of mines. Russian setup...
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    German snipers - in their own words

    I found this rather interesting interview with three German snipers in another forum. One of the interviewees is the man who was credited with the most kills of any German sniper during WWII. What I found most interesting is that they are unanimous that they never fought at night, in spite of...