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    COAAR - Vietnam Combat Operations Volume 1

    I've started this AAR over at ACG and posting it here in parallel. It deals with the first volume of my Vietnam series covering the period 8 March-31 July 1965, from the landing of the Marines at Da Nang to the Viet Cong wet season offensive...
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    German tactical symbols counter mod

    Just finished it, click on image to download :smoke:
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    Entering reinforcements

    Silly question but friendly reinforcements can't enter play adjacent to enemy units right? :shy:
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    Kamikaze Elmer

    Anyone knows if theres a way to make sure the PO will always attack an objective, whatever the odds? :clown:
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    TOAW development journal

    I just started a blog over at ACG to document the creation process of a serie of scenarios I'm making dealing with the combat operations in Vietnam, feel free to drop by if you feel like it :smoke::
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    Opart Design & Debug Utility

    Just dug up this old proggy I haven't used in ages to draw a map for TOAW but the map scaler keeps bugging me with a floating point value error, anyone here familiar with Curt's program? or has any idea what I am doing wrong? using v3.1.:smoke:
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    Place names limit

    Guys, is there an easy way to know how many place names you have used already on your map?
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    Event Deletion

    Guys, is there a way to delete an event from an event list to make room? not overwriting it, but deleting it completely? been a while I haven't used the event editor and I can't remember if there was a trick to do that or not. :smoke:
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    Looking for a training game

    Just got my first CWB game (Peninsula) and I'm looking for a training game. I've joined the ladder also so we can report the game if you wish, any takers? I'm playing any sides, any size battles (but not campaign game yet) :smoke:
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    Tae Guk Gi - The Brotherhood of War

    Anybody seen this epic south korean war movie? it's coming out in theaters next week over here and the reviews I've read speak of a awesome big budget war movie of SPR-class (dealing with the Korean War as you can guess) Here's some images: :smoke:
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    TOAW meteorologists help needed

    Here's my dilema: I'm looking for a way to simulate as best as it is possible the monsoon weather for a Vietnam scenario, here are the parameters: -5km/hex -weekly turns -Two types of weather: hot & dry and hot & rainy -Two monsoons per year (thats the tricky part) .May-November...
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    Initiative shifts

    Hello peeps :) Is there a way to make sure that the first player on the first turn of a scenario remains the first player for all turns without initiative changes? (except PBEM Games). As far as I know, the side with the highest overall movement capability will play first, which is quite a...
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    Republic of Viet Nam map

    Hey guys, just updated my 5km/hex VN map, you can find it here: :smoke:
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    Helicopters at Sea

    Simple question, is it possible to base helicopters at sea on an aircraft carrier? :smoke:
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    Two formations - same name

    It is problematic to have two formations having the same name for the TOAW engine? I want to create a division with 32 units broken down in two parts but with the same name (using the ROAD system of 1961 with 'base" and "maneuver" elements), does it cause any troubles during play? I know I could...
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    Leader Faces

    Hello guys, Anyone of you knows if it is possible to alter either the .org or .scn file of a given scenario so that the game displays the face you want for a particular leaders? I wonder if it works like the old battleground games where you basically had to give x and y coordinates so that...
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    Engineers vs Ferry Engineers

    Let's say you have two indentical units with each: -27 x Engineer Squads -9 x Ferry-Bridging Teams But the first one has the standard engineer counter symbol (E) and the other has the ferry engineer symbol, can the latest perfom the same functions as a standard engineer unit? in other...
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    21st Army Group Order of Battle

    I've just posted at the WHQ Scenario & Map Archive forum ( ) a complete OOB of the 21st Army Group during the campaign for NW Europe to help in TOAW OOB design. Feel free to use it, it has all british, canadian, polish, czech...
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    1km/hex scale possible?

    I'm in the process of drawing a map of Normandy at 1km/hex and I'm considering the possibilty of making a full scenario with it but I was wondering if such scale can be realistic enough for the TOAW engine, what do you guys think?
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    Hex grid overlay

    I'm looking for an hexagon grid file of some kind that I could overlay over some map image files using photoshop. Anyone has any idea if such file exists?