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  1. SkaterMcgee

    I got Halo: Reach... finally!

    **Disclaimer** This is not meant to be a gaming review, just a touch on my experience with Halo: Reach... kinda... and how even if you aren't a Halo fanboy, you can enjoy this well put together game. I haven't been doing really anything lately if it isn't related to school, or trying to get a...
  2. SkaterMcgee

    Your Favourite Movie

    Whats your favourite movie?
  3. SkaterMcgee

    Art Thread

    I am sorry if this already exists somewhere but I would like for people if they find a good picture to post it here and share it, I love new pictures, I will start with one.. Sorry I like photography, especially abstract.
  4. SkaterMcgee

    Is this a good game?

    Is this a good game?