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  1. dwardzala

    Question on Slopes, Hedges and Elevation Changes

    A question on the LOS affects of hedge/walls, slopes and elevation changes: On the Stoumont Map does a unit in X28 which is upslope to U30 have LOS to U30 even though there is a hedge on the V29/W29 hexside? (I think yes as hedges are only a half-level obstacle, but upslope is 3/4 level...
  2. dwardzala

    Intensive Fire in Defensive Fire

    Situation has come up in a game of mine (HI Jim): Panther fires MA in Defensive Fire Phase (not MPh) and is marked with a Final Fire marker. Said panther wants to rotate his turret and fire MA on another target 2 or more hexes away using intensive fire. Is this a valid shot? Applicable...