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  1. lightspeed

    Some thoughts on Starter Kit Expansion Pack #2 (SKEP2)

    Agreed...I do like the challenge of playing the Chinese (or Italians) with 3 firepower squads. I tend to think of them as half squads and use them in pairs. indy
  2. lightspeed

    #29: Motoring to Mogilev

    Dave and Martin, Another very entertaining offering! Thanks a bundle. The out-take after the credits have been a nice addition. Others mentioned the sound quality. It wasn't perfect to be sure, but everything was easily understandable. indy
  3. lightspeed

    Some thoughts on Starter Kit Expansion Pack #2 (SKEP2)

    MMP supports ASL with two separate yet equal product lines: ASL and SK. These are their stories... I picked up SKEP2 recently and have played three scenarios. In the interest of full disclosure, I don't play SK. My friend Rob and I played the scenarios with essentially ASL rules (with a few...
  4. lightspeed

    Can units that are about to be in melee gain control of a building?

    I think that simultaneity is the key here, in that the results of the CC are applied simultaneously (EXC: ambush, prisoners, blah blah blah). I would say that in your case (no Finns in O9) means the Russians get the building. indy
  5. lightspeed

    A25.33 American OBA Draw Pile for Scarce Ammunition

    Steve, Apologies, I inferred something in your use of "implied" that was not implied. I looked at the National Capabilities Chart and it doesn't really help make things crystal clear. As Chris says in the OP, it says the US draw pile is 10B/3R and that includes an extra black for Plentiful...
  6. lightspeed

    A25.33 American OBA Draw Pile for Scarce Ammunition

    Hey Steve, I agree that while Plentiful and scarce ammo was not the intent in Chapter C, I think H1.52 implies an xor only in the case of purchased OBA: "OBA can be purchased with Plentiful or Scarce Ammunition (C1.211) by..." It would be surprising if the intent was that Chapter H have a...
  7. lightspeed

    Are radios shown at setup

    An SSR allowing hidden radios per footnote C5 (until the unit breaks, or drops, or transfers, blah blah) should be standard in scenarios involving OBA. jmho indy
  8. lightspeed

    #27: Dinant Scenario 1

    Dave and Martin, Thanks for another interesting episode. It would have been nice to have seen the situation after each turn, and hear your thoughts. I guess the interview with DD was big enough that no room was available for an in-scenario synopsis. In lieu of a top contributors, how about a...
  9. lightspeed

    Illuminating Rounds: Episode 26: The Dan Dolan/Dinant interview

    Excellent episode again gents. Dan's thoughts were fun to hear. Are we sure Sgt Baker wasn't using his two headed coin for the prize draw?! :) I think you might have hit on something for a feature: "20 Questions with..." and pick a designer to talk about some of their designs (I realise Mr...
  10. lightspeed

    Bounding Fire 2020 - Blackpool, UK. November 2020

    Re: Double One. Do it. It's in a beautiful location, and you can add a few days in London (as London is a ~30 min train ride away) on either end. I live in Calgary and attended Double One from 2011. The first time was on a whim. It was one of the best ASL decisions I have made. Sadly...
  11. lightspeed

    Illuminating Rounds Episode 25: Cold Crocodiles

    Dave and Martin, Thank you for another excellent installment. In the pregame briefing about Cold Crocodiles, I think you spoke about buildings that start the game uncontrolled. I don't think that is the case here. Have a look at A26.11. "At scenario start a side gains Control of...
  12. lightspeed

    Illuminating Rounds Episode 25: Cold Crocodiles

    You could also split things into two one hour episodes...after all, who doesn't like a cliffhanger? Don't worry about the length. I can always hit pause and come back later. indy
  13. lightspeed

    Moving target?

    You are correct. Of course. I foolishly (stupidly?) mixed up moving and motion. Argh! indy
  14. lightspeed

    Can't connect to VASL server from a Mac

    Gents, Thanks for all of your replies. It turns out the issue was the router (the stupid router). I had rebooted it to no avail. It turns out that I needed to unplug it completely from everything (power, coax in, connection out), buy it flowers, and take it for dinner. I should have...
  15. lightspeed

    Moving target?

    Rich, I assume your vehicle was in motion when hit by the dastardly AT gun... I think the +2 no longer applies. Have a look at C.8: "A vehicle is considered a moving target for To Hit/Effects purposes only if during the Current Player Turn it has entered a new hex, or used VBM (D2.3), or...
  16. lightspeed

    FT262 -- 20 Years Later ...

    First time I set this up, I was convinced there was an error on the scenario're right: it's a chase. I thought the scenario was a lot more fun than it first appeared. indy
  17. lightspeed

    How to become better at using AFVs in ASL?

    I read somewhere that the 4 or 5 Shermans to engage a Pz V or VI was real; only because Shermans fought in platoons of 4 or 5. I don't think the Allies did anything to give a more realistic number (to what end, really), and besides, it makes the V and VI sound a lot tougher. indy
  18. lightspeed

    Using 666s

    Gerry, Your faith in me is appreciated but unearned! It was blind luck: I happened to go on the View from the Trenches website and saw the article on the Amis the same day you brought this interesting topic up! I'll poke around and see what I can find. indy
  19. lightspeed

    Using 666s

    Gerry, You may wish to look at It's an interesting article by a fellow named Joey Sabin called "The American Infantry Assault." It is reprinted in the May issue of View From the Trenches, available for free at...
  20. lightspeed

    SP253 De Zwarte Duivels - AAR

    I'm not as convinced as you are...I have won as the Dutch twice* and the Germans twice. I think the Germans have a tougher time to be sure. *Played as the Dutch at a tournament. Got quite lucky on turn 1, my sniper killed the only German leader on the Dutch side of the canal. Then the MTR...