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  1. FMFCB

    Russian Elite in RO X-TAG

    Are the Russians Elite in RO X-TAGas they are the 39rd Guards as per A25,2 and C8.2?
  2. FMFCB

    RB Scenario updates

    I see that some of the new RB scenarios got updated in Red Factories. Did any of the original 7 scenarios RB1-RB7 get updated? Dave
  3. FMFCB

    Canister and AP mines

    Can canister shot effect AP mines? Dave
  4. FMFCB

    First Special Service Force scenarios

    Besides A19 "Cat and Mouse", CDN20 "The Black Devils of Anzio:, and AP80 "A Bloody Waste"does any know of any more FSSF scenarios? I know Lone Canuck is doing a scenario pack for the FSSF at Anzio. Thanks Dave
  5. FMFCB

    Scenario updates list and changes

    I though I saw a list of the redone scenarios for Rising Sun, Yanks ,FKaC and DB? I checked MMP's web site but all I could find was the Beyond Valour ones. Anyone have a list changes of the others? Thanks Dave