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  1. Zugführer

    B.6 Inherent Terrain - Vertex

    The LOS from X10 to BB9 crosses the Z9/Z10/AA10 vertex (see the white circle in the image). The Hindrance DRM for the Palm Tree hex AA10 is +1. Is there an additional Hindrance DRM of +1 (for a total Hindrance DRM of +2) for the Palm Tree hex Z9, because of crossing the vertex of it? The LOS from
  2. Zugführer

    G1.6 and G1.63 - Japanese Concealment

    G1.6: Japanese Elite and 1st Line Infantry are Stealthy. According to A11.17 they receive a -1 drm to the Concealment dr. G1.63: Japanese Infantry receive a -2 drm to their Concealment dr. Are these drm cumulative? Does an Elite Japanese Infantry squad receive a -3 drm to the Concealment dr?
  3. Zugführer

    A8.4 Final Fire and C5.6 Intensive Fire

    A Multiple ROF Gun not marked with a First, Final, Intensive, or No Fire counter fires during the DFPh and exhausts its normal ROF. (1) The Gun will be marked with a Final Fire counter. Correct? The player want to attack with the same Gun again using Intensive Fire. (2) Is that allowed? I...
  4. Zugführer

    A4.44 Recovery

    (1) A squad starts the RPh in a Location with an unpossessed FT and DC. May the squad claim possession of both? (2) If the answer of (1) is Yes, does the player have to make two Recovery dr? (3) A squad moves into a Location with an unpossessed FT an DC during the MPh. May the squad recover...
  5. Zugführer

    A7.53 Fire Direction and A11.141 Leader

    A German 6+1 leader and a 4-6-7 squad are in the same Location. Case A: The Germans attack a Russian HS 2 hexes away with small arms. (a) When the leader directs the attack (i.e. to avoid Cowering), the +1 leadership DRM must be applied (A7.53). Correct? (b) When the leader does not direct the...
  6. Zugführer

    Get the counters out of the sheet

    I do this for 30 years, but I'm not sure that the way I get the counters out of the counter sheets is the best way to do it. So, I thought I will ask You, how You get the counters out of the sheets. I use a cutter and a cutting board. But this method is stressful (need of high expenditure of...
  7. Zugführer

    G12.674 Ramp_Unloading Infantry from LCVP

    Assume there is a LCVP with a stack of three American 6-6-7 squads and a 8-0 leader as Passengers moving to Easy Red (;)) during the American MPh. That LCVP runs Aground (G12.21) in a Shallow Ocean hex. The American player decides to unload the infantry stack in the Shallow Ocean hex. If I...
  8. Zugführer

    G13.46 Overlay Entry - Gun attack gets Target Aquisition

    As I understand it according to the rules in G13.46 a Gun on land gets a 1/2'' -1 Target Aquisition the first time it fires in the game, provided it uses the Vehicle Target Type to fire at a Watercraft in an Ocean hex during that Watercraft's initial MPh of the game. Does that mean this first...
  9. Zugführer

    G12.211 Fast Aground - Free LC in Reverse mode

    If an Aground LC becomes free by the dr described in G12.211, it does so with Reverse movement. Does that mean, that if the LC wants to move forward again, the LC has to stop (1 MP) and then to start (1 MP) before it is able to move forward in the direction of the beach again?
  10. Zugführer

    Concealment and Wire

    Is a squad on top of a Wire counter able to gain Concealment status?