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  1. WargameHQ

    Prioritizing Hozan Storage - Suggestions Needed

    I know storage is ultimately a matter of personal preference. I've gone through a few iterations of storage in my time in this hobby going from straight Planos to coin envelopes and planos and even tried GMT style trays for a while. So, I'm about to try another twist in this whole thing by...
  2. WargameHQ

    Next Pocket Edition Rulebook Pre-requisites?

    In order for the next "version" of the ASL Pocket Rulebook to come out, we'll need to see: Finalized Korean War (done) Hakkaa Paalle (done) Revised Hollow Legions Something else? What else will need to be completed to make it worth the time to release a new core Pocket Rulebook?
  3. WargameHQ

    Lapsed ASL'er Seeks VASL Jedi

    The last time a moved a digital or physical ASL counter was probably 6 years ago at this point. I would love to get back into the game and own basically everything both first party and third party so, scenario selection won't be an issue. I will, however, need a patient Jedi master to bring me...