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  1. lightspeed

    Some thoughts on Starter Kit Expansion Pack #2 (SKEP2)

    MMP supports ASL with two separate yet equal product lines: ASL and SK. These are their stories... I picked up SKEP2 recently and have played three scenarios. In the interest of full disclosure, I don't play SK. My friend Rob and I played the scenarios with essentially ASL rules (with a few...
  2. lightspeed

    Can't connect to VASL server from a Mac

    Folks, I have loaded vasl and can run it in offline mode just fine. The problem is that it cannot (will not?) connect to the server when I go online. I shut off wifi on my computer, and used my phone as a mobile hotspot (using mobile data), and there is no issue. I shut off the...
  3. lightspeed

    B9.3 and B9.4: Obvious Gaps in Walls/Hedges

    Folks, There is a Q&A (taken from version 24 of Klas' compilation) that reads B9.4 May a wall/hedge hexside with an “obvious gap” (but no road depiction) be crossed without paying the extra movement cost? May walls/hedges with “obvious gaps” (whether there is a road or not) be crossed by...
  4. lightspeed

    C7.31 AP to Kill Table...Allied & Axis Minor/Italian (20L only)

    Folks, A question came up the other day: What is the TK of an Allied Minor ATR? On the C7.31 table, under the 44F/ATR/20L column, the TK is 6. However, the red note says Russian, Finnish, Japanese; Allied & Axis Minor/Italian (20L only). What the heck does the stuff after the ; mean? It...
  5. lightspeed

    A heroic leader who suffers wounds as a leader

    Folks, Played SP52 (The Amazing Tominac) last week. There is an SSR which reads "The American 9-2 is Heroic (A15.2) but suffers wounds as a leader rather than a hero." I think this means that, if the 9-2 fails a morale check, he is not broken (as he is a hero), nor is he wounded (unless he...
  6. lightspeed

    Multiple DF shots at a unit that picks up a SW

    Folks, There are exactly two squads in play: Friendly squad A and enemy squad X. Enemy squad X assault moves into an OG location that contains a MG, expending 1MF. Friendly squad A is in normal range and chooses not to DFF on the 1MF. Squad X spends 1MF and succeeds in picking up MG. Squad...
  7. lightspeed

    Aberdeen (28 Nov-30 Nov)

    Folks, I will be in Aberdeen on 28 Nov to 30 Nov. If you are free for a game or a pint (or both), please let me know. indy
  8. lightspeed

    Can't use draggable overlays

    Folks, I'm running VASSAL 3.2.17 and VASL 6.4.0 on my mac, and I can't use draggable overlays at all. I can open the overlay window, but clicking and dragging doesn't do anything... Previously there was no issue at all. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Strangely, I can use command...
  9. lightspeed

    Steeple location on X19

    Folks, Overlay X19 contains a three hex building with a steeple location in one of the hexes. Therefore, the building is a two story house (B23.22) and has a level 0 and level 1 location in each hex. The steeple hex has a level two location. How does one access it? B31.2 says "...a...