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    Two-Player DYO SASL

    I have been tinkering for some time with an adaptation of the SASL, DYO and CG rules for use in historical engagments involving two players. The system I propose would allow players to select a theater of operations, nationalities, general force size, and an engagement type, all within...
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    A12.121 and A12.4 Concealment Loss

    > Question:Assume a Friendly "?" unit performs a concealment-loss activity in > Open Ground. A Good Order enemy MMC is in clear LOS to the Friendly "?", > which can be determined by the naked eye without aid of a thread. Is the enemy > MMC required to challenge the move and force the Friendly...
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    Best/Favorite Victory Conditions

    The recent discussions about scenario balance got me thinking about Victory Conditions. I decided to do a brief survey through my collection of Official scenarios, just to get a feel for the types and number of different Victory Conditions that challenge us. While it is difficult to tell by...
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    A10.53, A10.532, C6.5: Interdiction

    A10.53: If the ATTACKER routs a broken unit without using Low Crawl, through an Open Ground hex that is in the LOS and Normal Range of a an unbroken enemy unit capable of fire on it in that hex with at least one FP without any form of LOS Hindrance, can the DEFENDER decline Interdiction and...
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    Memory Lane: A Review of Squad Leader

    Greetings, all. Today I was moving some old books and I came across a volume called The Complete Book of Wargames, by the Editors of Consumer Guide with Jon Freeman. This work was Copyright 1980 by Publications International, Ltd. This book was given to me as a gift, in recognition of my...