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  1. Nearmiss

    Just another Rout Phase question

    Situation is as follows: There is a woods hex 4MF from my broken unit (2 OG hexes and then the woods hex). I don't want to go there. I would rather go to a woods hex 5MF away (1 OG hex then uphill to the woods hex). However, the woods hex contains a friendly trench counter or has a path...
  2. Nearmiss

    Dinant Map hex XX23

    What level does a unit on the road occupy?
  3. Nearmiss

    B28 Mines

    Fully tracked AFV enters an A-T minefield and survives the entry attack. Can the AFV now stop and then restart in reverse and then leave the minefield via the hexside it previously entered without undergoing a second attack?
  4. Nearmiss

    Radio Contact /Battery Access C1

    I have two leaders in the same hex at the beginning of the APh. One of the leaders has a radio with radio contact and battery access and a FFE: 2 on board. Could the radio be transferred without losing contact and/or battery access?
  5. Nearmiss

    Maintain acquisition C6.5

    In its AFPh an AFV fires its MA at an enemy AFV and receives a -1 Aq counter on the target. At the end of its AFPh, due to a newly discovered enemy ATG, the AFV uses its non-fired BMG to turn its VCA (and thus its TCA as well) so as to present better armor to the ATG. C6.5 in part states "The...
  6. Nearmiss

    DN3 French setup

    Reference the setup instructions for the 4th group of the French OB. Are they precluded from setting up east of the river? Their instructions are "Set up at >= Level 3 in hexes numbered <= 27:"
  7. Nearmiss

    B25.6 Spreading Fire

    Does a wreck blaze receive the -2 DRM for "not directly attached" if it is in Grain (or any other burnable terrain)?
  8. Nearmiss


    Scenario ASL-1 Fighting Withdrawal. 8-0 Finnish leader and 2 HS enter an OG hex containing a Russian 447 which is Broken and Disrupted. The Russians D1F and break the leader and pin 1 HS. Per A19.12 the Dirupted 447 becomes a Prisoner. Does this occur before or after the D1F? If they become...
  9. Nearmiss

    C9.3 designating a spotter

    Greetings to the Council As Defensive First Fire is considered part of the Defensive Fire Phase, is it permissible to designate a spotter during the opponents Movement Phase?
  10. Nearmiss

    64K7 what is it?

    Greetings to the Council Hex 64K7 contains a round wooden structure. Due to the absence of a SSR describing it as a Tower (B34.2), is it to be treated as a single story wooden house? Tom
  11. Nearmiss

    BAZ45 & WP

    Greetings to the council, When firing a BAZ45 into a 2 story Stone Building with broken units on the ground level, do I include the +3 TEM as a TH DRM? I believe not, but as LATW can't use ATT how do I know? Tom
  12. Nearmiss

    D2.3 & ESB

    Greetings to the counsil, Situation: AFV attempts to enter a building hex via Bypass using the last of its' MPs. The obstacle/hexside clearance is challenged and is subsequently found to be non-bypassable (probably not a word, but you get it). The AFV is returned to the hex it occupied prior...
  13. Nearmiss

    Wall Advantage while occupying a Shellhole hex

    Greetings to the Council, A friendly unit advances across a Hedge and into a Shellhole hex taking WA at the same time. An enemy unit has LOS (without hindrance) to the friendly occupied hex clear of the Hedge. Is the friendly unit revealed?
  14. Nearmiss


    Greetings to the Council, Is an AR mandatory following the drawing of a black chit?
  15. Nearmiss

    AT-ditch MF cost

    Greetings to the council, What is the MF cost to move from under an AT-ditch to an ADJACENT Open Ground hex? I think 4? or is it 3?
  16. Nearmiss

    Sniper vs Motorcyclist

    Greetings Council, Does a 2 Sniper attack effect a motorcycle rider? If so, how?
  17. Nearmiss

    Spotters (C9.3)

    Greetings to the council, Situation: CX Spotter and non-CX crew manning a Mortar. Does the +1 for CX apply to Spotted Fire?
  18. Nearmiss

    Setup parameters for Rocket's Red Glare (ASL-195)

    Greetings to the Council, May the German Gun/AFV set up in open ground or are they restricted to woods hexes only? Thanks, Tom