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  1. laurent closier

    Would you pay for official winterized maps from MMP ?

    Yes ! Starting with already existing boards (in range 1-84) used in official scenarios for example ?
  2. laurent closier

    Minimum Move question

    Hi, Does a Minimum Move prohibit the use of MF (for SW recovery or Smoke placement) prior to that one-hex movement ? Is "Minimum Move" and "at the cost of a unit's entire MF allotment" exactly the same ? I don't think so but I cannot find any answer in A4.134 or somewhere else. Thanks in...
  3. laurent closier

    FW boards 80-83

    Any idea if/when these boards will be released ? Thanks.
  4. laurent closier

    AP102 Better late than never SSR question

    Hi, By SSR, all road hexes are shellholes. But what about A5/A6 hexes ? Both become shellholes hexes ? Only A5 (A2.51 gives an answer about offboard setup but is it applicable here?) ? Thanks.