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  1. HuntedCity

    Errata for Morire in Belleza PBP #22

    I'm looking for the definitive errata for this classic scenario. Principally, how many Wire Counters, Concealment Counters, Crews and 8-0's for the Yugos? I have the Aussie Pack 98 from Critical Hit and my scenario card calls for 4 Wires, 5 Concealment, 2 Crews, and 1 8-0. I'm certain 2 8-0's...
  2. HuntedCity

    Coastal Defense ASL - Southeastern Massachusetts

    If anyone is interested in joining our ASL Club in Southeastern Massachusetts please email me at Our first meet up had six players with three simultaneous games going and there is room for more. For now we are planning on meeting at least once a month on a Saturday. All...
  3. HuntedCity

    Ian Daglish's Sea Lion Scenarios

    I'm curious to know more about the late Ian Daglish's work on his Operation Sea Lion scenarios. I understand they were originally published in the ASL News in the mid 90's; three of them being called "Nemesis", "Call Them Ironsides", and "Their Darkest Hour". There is a short write-up about them...